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Pictures by Lurline

This page will show an original piece of artwork or a photograph that I have produced. I plan to keep it as up-to-date as I can.

All work Copyrighted - Lurline E. Webster

Simple flower design using the basic Windows "Paint" facility - Saturday Nov 11, 2000.
"Moonset" - PC paint image - Sunday Nov 26, 2000
"Strawdraw" - abstract painted in guache using a drinking straw
"Mark's Sneakers" - charcoal sketch
"Plate of Plenty" - still life in guache
"Mister Beer" - impressionist oil

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A picture of me and Kevin, taken in 1987. OK, so I didn't ACTUALLY take it, but I like it anyway!! (Kev's addition: I just thought about the song that's playing on this page. I'm sure there's a line in the lyrics that goes "..and I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time" Makes you think doesn't it? OK, so I'm an incurable romantic!!
"Seal" - PC paint image - 15 Jan 01. Although I'm left-handed, I use the mouse in my right hand. It really isn't as difficult as it looks you know!!
"Catindog" - PC paint image - 22 Mar 02. This was supposed to be a sketch of a dog. Kevin says it looks like a cat. If you look at it carefully, it can be either!