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Kevin's Korner

Watermill Cottage, Nettleham, Lincoln - my favourite spot!

Tune is "Carrickfergus" - One of my favourite Irish ballads

Welcome to Kevin's Korner! This is the place where I often work into the wee small hours of the morning. Come in and browse around for a while, provided you've nothing more pressing to do.

There's all kinds of stuff in here. Music, religion, politics, poetry and writing - it's my "pad". I'm always putting new things in and pulling old ones out. Have fun and let me know if there's anything of particular interest!

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Writings from my old personal site

Book Review - "There and Back Again - A Navigator's Story" by Douglas Hudson (link to another of my web sites).
interFolk - My Music Page
"Special Relationship" - an essay on US/UK Links (December 2000)(Updated September 2001 and February 2003)
Remembrance - a personal essay - November 2001.
My Christian Pages (updated May 2002)
My Politics Pages
My Educational Pages