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Energy has many forms. It can be stored as a chemical, like in a battery. It can flow as electricity. It can flow as superconductive or superfluidic substances. The chemical form of energy is a more dense manifestation of energy. Electricity and sound waves that carry energy are less dense manifestations. The superconductive or superfluid forms are a subtle manifestation of energy. From an Oriental medicine perspective, the chemical would correspond to jing (essence), electricity would correspond to qi, superconduction and superfluidity would correspond to universal qi. Superconduction and superfluidity also correspond to shen, which is consciousness.

Light is also a form of energy. Qi light is like that from a light bulb. Shen light is like that from a laser and has holographic properties. Sound is another form of energy. Qi sound is nonpure and dissipates as heat. Shen sound is pure, holographic, and nondissapative. Jing is of a gross form, qi is of a less gross form, and shen is of a subtle form. Oriental medicine refers to jing, qi, and shen as the “three treasures.” The three treasures are what the ancient Chinese thought of as the energies that constitute life.

In this essay we will look at the properties of these different forms of energy.


The meridians can be thought of as lines that flow through the body, forming a circuit. A meridian can have energy manifest in it in different forms. When the meridian circuit is not fully connected, ions will be stored up in it, moving sluggishly or not at all. This is a more dense form of energy. When the meridian circuit is connected, ions will flow along it, a clump of them taking 24 hours to circulate around the whole meridian circuit. This is one form of qi.

When the meridian circuit is connected, the ions may be propelled into a superconductive state. People thus superconducting can feel surges of this type of electricity moving through their body. This corresponds to the yoga concept of kundalini energy.


When one is doing healing work, one may channel different types of energy into the body of the person to be healed. Channeling qi requires the healer to direct the qi, through conscious intention plus focus on the individual to be healed, or on a particular aspect within that individual. Qi as electricity flows from positive to negative. Because electricity encounters resistance (that’s why wires can heat up), this qi requires an expenditure of energy from the healer.

Channeling universal qi does not require the healer to direct the qi as much. The universal qi has its own intelligence and moves around in the body to precisely where it is most needed, and in the precise order of priority of needs. This universal qi has superfluid and superconductive properties.

The reason superconductors and superfluids can work in this manner is because of their special properties:

1) They can keep moving without energy loss. Superconduction is charged particle flow without resistance. Superfluid flow is a noncharged particle flow without resistance. Hence a healer does not have to expend energy when channeling universal qi.

2) The movement is dependent on a global quantum probability gauge. This gauge is a nonmeasurable property locally. You can only measure its properties over a spread out area. Hence it’s a subtler phenomenon. It is in some sense a measure of how connected things are. One might say if things are connected, their gauges match. If they are not connected, their gauges don’t.

Buses running along their routes can be used as an analogy here. If people are trying everyday to get from A to B to C, let’s say, and there is a bus that goes from A to B and then another bus that goes from B to C. If the timing of the buses is wrong, one may not be able to get on the second bus.

Now a gross solution to this problem may be to ask the driver of the first bus, after he has traveled his usual route to B, to keep going on to C. This takes extra energy to do -- it takes qi.

A subtle solution would be to ask the driver to change the timetables of the bus so that the first bus leaves earlier, enabling passengers to get to the second bus on time. This doesn’t take any extra gas, or energy. This is analogous to universal qi, or a shen solution.

In terms of gauges, one could say in the cases where the buses’ timetables don’t coincide, the gauge of the first bus does not match gauge of the second bus for a passenger on the bus. In the case where the timetables coincide, the gauges match.

“A healer does not have to expend energy when channeling universal qi.”

In electricity, the movement of the current is not dependent on a quantum probability gauge. In superconductive substances, this quantum gauge allows it to tunnel through resistive areas where electricity wouldn’t normally be able to flow, and it allows superconductive electricity to flow between objects at the same voltage, something not allowed for normal electricity.

The connected quantum gauge also allows superfluids to move in very interesting ways. If, for instance, you place some superfluid helium in a beaker, the superfluid can climb the walls of the beaker in order to flow into another beaker at a lower height. This means that the universal qi is going to flow in quite different ways than normal qi. One may think of universal qi as connecting things through matching gauges. This connection allows for deeper healing, because different parts of the body become more unified.


Qi, you could say, has a more local intelligence and sensitivity. Ions are sensitive to magnetic fields that are near it, and this can lead to an adjustment of the electricity flowing through the meridian.

Universal qi, you might say, has a more global intelligence and sensitivity. The ions, which are usually nanoscale, now blow up to a huge size. They become the size of a human being. One ion is spread out over the whole meridian, in what is called a quantum macroscopic wave function. This is a rather extraordinary state, because now we can see quantum behavior on the human scale, which is usually damped out.

When you affect the ion at one point, the whole ion adjusts. In some sense you are adjusting the whole body to small changes inside the body. So if there is a small change in the magnetic field inside your body, the whole meridian changes to adjust. These magnetic fields carry information about the health of different cells, organs, and functions in your body.


When we are in the conductive state of the meridian we are tuned somewhat to the larger society, the earth.

In the superconductive state of the meridian we are much more tuned in to the larger whole, as a superconducting circuit is able to pick up much more sensitive signals. In this state we are much more likely to perform actions that are for the greater good.

“In the superconductive state of the meridian we are much more tuned in to the larger whole.”


In the conductive state our meridians are able to tune in to the magnetic signals from the quantum void.

In the superconductive state our meridians are able to pick up much more information and energies from the quantum void. This quantum void contains wisdom and holographic information about the universe. It is also filled with loving vibrations. So our superconducting meridians will allow us to experience a lot more love.


The conductive state of meridians generates a magnetic field. The superconductive state of meridians generates a magnetic field that is orders of magnitude larger. This allows us to magnetically attract things into our reality much more easily, things that are appropriate to our given set of requirements, needs, and evolutionary process. This has often been called “synchronicity.” There are other forms of manifesting, which have more to do with bringing into being things or events that existed before only in potential form.


Qi light is noncoherent, non-holographic, dissipates with distance, and is of lower vibration. It is like light from a light bulb.

Shen light is coherent, holographic, doesn’t dissipate with distance, and is of higher vibration. It is like light from a laser. The higher vibration of shen light will order the lower vibration of qi light, similar to how a fast vibration on a trampoline that is a multiple of slower vibrations will order things that are bouncing on the trampoline at that slower vibration.

“The higher vibration of shen light will order the lower vibration of qi light.”

Neale Walsch, in Conversations with God: Book 1, * channels God as saying,

“Thought is pure energy… All thoughts congeal…Like energy attracts like energy – forming (to use simple words) ‘clumps’ of energy of like kind. When enough similar ‘clumps’ criss-cross each other – run into each other – they ‘stick to’ each other (to use another simple term). It takes an incomprehensibly huge amount of similar energy ‘sticking together’ thusly to form matter.”

What is happening here is that light beams intersect each other holographically. When lower energy light beams intersect at nexuses, the light gets entangled, meaning, the two light beams go into a superposition of quantum states, where some of those states are much slowed down. The light energy slows down at these nexuses, thus allowing the formation of matter at these nexuses.

Sound is basically the propagation of waves through matter. This sound can carry energy. Qi sound can propagates along and dissipates as heat. Some of these sound waves travel through the meridian system.

Shen sound is resonant and pure. Different particles will be oscillating in resonance with each, locked into certain frequencies without wavering in perfect pitch.
Shen sound is also solitonic and nondissipative. So a wave in the water, which dampens out over distance is dissipative. A tidal wave that manages to propagate across the ocean without dissipating is solitonic. Solitons can travel through the meridians. Shen sound is also holographic. In the same way coherent light can intersect to form a hologram of light, so also coherent sound can intersect to form a hologram of sound. So if you put on headphones and listen to a sound hologram you would hear noises appearing to come from many directions and distances. (I experienced this once. It was quite amazing.)

A thermometer will measure the random kinetic energy of atoms. It won’t measure the ordered kinetic energy of shen vibrations, because they don’t transfer random kinetic energy to the thermometer. So when you stick a thermometer under your tongue you are measuring your gross body energy to be at 37 degrees Celsius, even though your subtle body energy may be at tens of thousands of degrees Celsius (if you take temperature to be a measure of kinetic energy).

Virtual particles are particles that are created and annihilated before they can be measured. They also form waves that propagate, creating a kind of virtual sound --a much more subtle sound. If you go into a meditative state you can listen to these virtual particles without disturbing them (and thus not measuring them in a scientific sense). One of the sounds these virtual particles makes is called the music of the spheres.


Space is filled with what physicists call a Higgs field. This is kind of like molasses. When things move through a Higgs field, they feel weight. In a conductive state the ions feel this molasses-like effect.

In the superconductive state the ions begin to uncouple from the molasses, if you will. The Higgs field no longer affects it as much. And the ions begin to get lighter. So your body will begin to get lighter (thus giving a physical meaning to the term “enlightenment.”


Our bodies have jing, qi, and universal qi flowing through them, supplying us with life force. Healers can introduce more energy into another person’s body in the form of jing (through herbs), qi or universal qi. Higher forms of energy in the form of shen-like holographic light and sound can help order the lower qi energy of nonresonant light and sound. And we as individuals can, through practices like yoga, taichi, qigong, meditation, breathwork, transform the energy in our body into more subtle, and hence, more powerful forms. Our meridians can become superconducting. As this happens, we become more able to tune into the loving vibrations of the quantum void, to quicken our evolutionary process, to bring into our reality events, opportunities, people, events and creative inspiration that help us along the path to self-actualization and enlightenment, and that help us work more effectively as contributors to the common good.

• Neale Walsch, Conversations with God: Book 1, pg. 54.