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      Meridians are lines in the body through which qi runs.

      Acupuncturists insert needles into acupoints along these meridians. Insertion into the right acupoint can help cure many diseases.


       Are meridians scientifically measurable?

       Prof. Joie Jones of University Of Irvine, California has taken ultrasound pictures of acupoints. His pictures show something is moving along the meridians after needles are inserted into an acupoint.

       Dr. Robert Becker has measured the electrical resistance at different points along the skin. He found certain points had less resistance. Those points corresponded to acupoints.

The electrical conductivity of acupoints has been found to change during the practice of qigong.

       Chun Choi et al from Korea have shone light into acupoints and seen them come out in a different acupoint.

      Dr. De Vernejoul has injected radioactive substances into the meridian, and watched as they moved along the meridians. The tracer particles traveled at speeds of 3-5 cm/s. They slowed down when the body was diseased. They sped up when the acupoints were stimulated through acupuncture.