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Sept. 27, 2006 THERE IS STILL ROOM!!!!!

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We have had just fantastic times, and might I say very excellent music, and food at previous camps. This will be the fifth year. I expect even more people, more fun and more music this year. We are having it the last two days of September and the first day of October. Apologies to those for whom this is a conflict. The good news is that the weather will likely be sunnier than later in the month. When you come, bring warm clothes and bedding, flashlight, any special food or treats. No drugs, alcohol, firearms, animals. We are very close to stores, motels, etc., if you prefer to not share the camp experience. (Harbor View motel just 1/4 mile away and Moby Dick Inn less than 1 mile. Day people are encouraged; there will be a prorated fee. Note: There are ongoing improvements to the camp. It should be a little bit nicer each year.