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Meg's Page.

Meg is our Tricolour Border Collie born on 28th February 2005.

Here are some pictures
At 7 weeks old she is a pee machine- food goes in one end at regular intevals and appears on the kitchen floor a litle later

Now in her 10th week- 99.9% house trained, very very very active- a real bundle of energy. Loves gardening

Week 11:The new BEST toy

Breakfast toast is essential

as is a nap

Week 12- Growing up quickly- getting very long legged.

Amazed how quickley Meg has grown- look at this !





5 July

27 Sept



A new singing duo (?)

26 June

A day at the seaside

25 August


30 August

A new game...... the best blue ball goes in this end

.....and comes out here....

Clever AND cute !

In May, Meg- typical Border Collie- she ran into a post, not looking where she was going- and damaged the nerve in her shoulder which unfortunatly lead to amputation.
Here we are on the 9 Sept 2006 a couple of days after the operation

With an fan



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