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The Southern Cross Greens are committed to ensuring the continuance of the bio-diversity of our ancient motherland, and of the maintenance of eco-systems in their entirety; for the construction of sustainable non-polluting commerce, industry and agriculture, to provide a purposeful, culturally enhanced lifestyle for present and future generations of our European and Australoid peoples. Quality of life we see as optimised in an organic society founded on the natural order.Nonuc

The agenda of all internationalists and economic rationalists for the "Global Village", with their inherent money changer mentality of consumerism, materialism and exploitation, is rejected as pernicious to ecological sustainability for our native soil; to the progress of our Australian civilisation and the well being of our citizens.

We insist upon cultural, political and economic independence for the Australian People, forged upon ecologically sustainable and democratic principles.


We seek an organic society allied with the Australian labour-nationalist values of our founding visionaries.

The programme for achieving our environmental goals is through national self sufficiency, and with a sustainable population.

National self sufficiency is the fundamental solution to environmental degradation, and to retain eco-diversity in Australia and elsewhere. It is the means to secure genuine social justice in the Australian tradition.

Without sustainable population levels, environmental decline is inevitable.


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SCG Charter

SCG Principles

Our Ancient Motherland

National Vision

Requirements for Sustainability

Common Fallacies about Population

Australia or Globalism

The Fundamental Solution - National Self-Sufficiency

Overpopulation - Environment Facts

Immigration: - Past its use by date!

The Failure of Internationalism

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