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Éritage - La Ronde des Voyageurs
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Click track titles for RealAudio

Here is the original press release from Stan Roger's label, Fogarty's Cove Music, for La Ronde Des Voyageurs...

Fogarty's Cove Music
Woodburn Road,
R.R. #1 Hannon, Ontario
Canada LOR 1PO

Dear Friends:

Fogarty's Cove Music is proud to announce the release of "La Ronde des Voyageurs" by Canada's finest French-Canadian folk music group, Éritage.

This long-awaited album, produced by Stan Rogers and recorded at the Grant Avenue Studio in Hamilton, Ontario contains thirteen selections from the huge repertoire of the group that took the English-Canadian folk festival circuit by storm in 1981 and 1982.

Éritage in live performance is an exciting experience that has thrilled audiences as diverse as an arena of Alberta ranch families and a field of sophisticated Toronto veteran "folkies". Songs, ballads, jigs, reels, rags and cakewalks, all done with love and humour and a deep respect and spiced with some of the wildest step-dancing to be seen anywhere...... that is Éritage, live.

Éritage on record is more of the same, only heard with a fidelity and clarity unobtainable in any other way. in listening to " La Ronde des Voyageurs" it will become very clear why Raynald Oullett and the world-famous button accordionist Phillippe Bruneau are now spoken of in the same breath. People who lament the increasing rarity of performances by the great fiddler Ti-Jean Carignan will be consoled when they hear the brilliance of 18 year old Vincent Oullett. Marc Benoit is one of the better folk bassists in Canada, plays excellent guitar, and is exceeded in energy expended on stage only by Benoit Bourque, whose flying feet have brought whole audiences to theirs. Éritage is completed by the young and brilliant pianist/composer Yvan Brault and the equally fine vocals, percussion and flute of Raymond Philippe. Together they play more than a dozen instruments, sing, dance, and above all entertain with a spirit and warmth seldom captured on record.

Éritage WILL BE AT MANY FESTIVALS AND CONCERT HALLS ACROSS CANADA AND THE UNITED STATES IN 1983. "La Ronde des Voyageurs" will give you a chance to be ready for the group that is doing for Québecois music what The Chieftans did for the music of Ireland.

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