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Silver State Caller's College Network

Designed with callers in mind

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Mission Statement

Callers are essential to the survival of American Square Dance.We need men and women who have the desire to work long and hard in return for little except the smiling faces and appreciation of those they entertain,and the deep feeling of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.

To become a caller requires more than just a decision to pick up the microphone. Certain skills are necessary to provide the dancers with a fun and entertaining experience. These skills can be learned only through instruction and practice. Instruction can take many forms, from working closely with an experienced caller who is willing to pass along the lessons he or she has learned to attending an accredited Caller College. It is usually most effective to make use of both methods as well as everything in between.

A person interested in becoming a caller will usually start by memorizing a singing call and performing it for a group of dancers. However, this skill doesn’t make a person a caller. To become a caller, the individual must develop the ability to present an adequate program of square dancing which is entertaining. But, more than that, the successful caller is a teacher of square dancing, and as such, is a conduit through which many people may come to the activity in an enjoyable manner. The caller is square dancing’s best advertisement.

In an effort to impart these abilities to those who want to become successful callers, Caller Colleges have been developed. The Silver State Caller's College is such a venue for this instruction. Having opened in 2002, the school continues to supply qualified caller-teachers for the activity. The founders, Nasser Shukayr and Doug Davis, are not only great square dance callers and teachers, they also are excellent at training callers.

The purpose of this website is to continue the process started by the Silver State Caller College. By allowing alumnus of the school to stay in touch, the educational process continues through the sharing of real-life experiences, thus allowing further development of skills and abilities. It is to this effort at betterment of ourselves, the Silver State Caller College, and the square dance activity as a whole, that this site is dedicated.

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