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23 December 2002

Dear Friends and Family,

    Well, folks, I'm not quite so late this year and it looks like those of you who are on the Internet will actually get this before Christmas while the snail mail folks will get it before the New Year!  Again beautiful cards were flooding in from many of you as I began this newsletter.  We always enjoy your extra little notes and letters and want to personalize as many replies as we can; however, for those of you who are on the Internet, we are sending you an email message with a link to this site.  We didn't take any long trips this year, just visits to Las Vegas, Laughlin, and other places not far from home.

Father's Day was very special to me this year; Michael asked me where I would like to go so I chose the Integratron , a most interesting place out near Yucca Valley and Big Rock, site of so-called visitations of Intergalactic aliens back in the 60s and 70s.  It is a fascinating wooden structure with lots of copper wire designed to collect and direct electrical energy.  The original owner/builder alleged that the design of the Integratron was dictated by one of these visitors and even managed to get Howard Hughes to donate $10,000 to assist in the construction.  Unfortunately the builder died before the Integratron could be activated but it is still claimed to be a collector of energy and is used for meditation and healing.

                                 Michael at the Integratron                                Big Rock after the earthquake                              Richard at the Integratron

Below are some more selected photos of events taken during other good times over the year.

Richard and Emiko at the MGM in Las Vegas

When the Lion roars Emiko launches an attack against the one armed bandit

Emiko in her gambling "battle gear" ready
to conquer the MGM Lion Casino

On the way out to Yucca Valley
on Father's Day Richard took Emiko for a tour of the historic Mission Inn in Riverside

This is our daughter, Margaret, in one of her most happy and jovial moments at her home in Fullerton where she lives with O.P., Daniel, Davina, Denny, and their family

Denny, Davina, (L-R, Back Row) 
Timothy, Justin, and Tyler
(L-R, Front Row)

Since Daniel is quite interested in Anime, he and Ol'Pa bonded one day and attended the Ani-Magic Convention in Lancaster, stopping for a few moments at the Plant 42 Outdoor Museum 

Ani-Magic was held at the Antelope Valley Inn; here is a select group of Anime characters

A Warrior Queen and another female warrior with a boomerang weapon

Richard also had the opportunity this year to attend the Bellflower High School Reunion and visited with two old school buddies, Red Maddox (left) and Merril Korth (right) with his wife

While in Missouri Richard  was able to visit with Brother Ernie shown with Elaine Strack and Lloyd Warner and his Son, Kenny, and Kenny's daughter

Ray and Helen Hoffman S. Basson

Richard and Mindy Schowengerdt
Another memorable event was the retirement party for Richard's Commanding Officer, Col. Mary Mayer who she chose the Queen Mary for this event and stayed in the Queen Mary suite

It all took place in the historic Grand Salon of the Queen Mary in Long Beach

This was the quaint little stateroom where Emiko and Richard stayed overnight; so far this is about the closest they've gotten to a cruise
Another pleasant day was spent at the Edwards AFB Air Show

In September Richard was appointed as the new B-2 Program Integrator.  In his new position he interfaces with the B-2 Program Office and officials at Whiteman AFB, Tinker AFB, and the Contractor, Northrop Grumman.
There has been some limited activity with Project Chameleo with mostly proposals and patent infringement investigations.

The increased interest in security has brought more focus upon physical camouflage and deception.
See Richard's Project Chameleo  site
Michael keeps active when he can with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Orange County as a wish grantor and recently organized a kid's holiday party on December 15th with over 1,000 attendees & volunteers. He also conducted this year's annual toy drive for the foundation and raised well over 2,500 toys to be used through the upcoming 2003 year as introductory, ice-breaking gifts during the first initial visit & interview of families with ill-children.  Michael is very enthusiastic in all he does while still receiving ongoing treatment for injuries sustained in an automobile accident over two years ago.  Michael sends good wishes and hopes to everyone for a happy & prosperous New Year.
     See the Ernst Schowengerdt Mausoleum Restoration Project for the latest information concerning the Mausoleum and events in the extended Schowengerdt and Strack families.

     Emiko is still busy nearly every day with the Senior Center in Costa Mesa where we have had some good times.  Maria and Dr. Otto-G Richter are still happily married and living in Berlin.  Our Grandson, Jason, is still with us here and employed at a Dodge Dealer Body Shop in Lake Forest.  Our Granddaughter Davina and her husband, Denny (Auto Body Shop Manager) along with their children Timothy, Tyler, and Justin are still living with Margaret, Opetaia (O.P.), and Daniel in their home in Fullerton.

     We hope that all of you have had a reasonably good year and wish you a very happy holiday season and the best in 2003!


Richard, Emiko, and All

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