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22 December 2003

Dear Friends and Family,

    This has been a good year for us but not without the frustration of having my computer hard drive fail and losing all of my data, most of which I did not have backed up.  Fortunately I do still have some good pictures and a lot of great memories but I had to use a couple of older photos below.  We have selected a company to restore most of the critical data but not without a heavy penalty; from now on we make periodic CD-ROM backups!   This year we decided to sell the little house in Lancaster and use the profits to put a new roof on our house in Costa Mesa.  There were some initial problems with the roofer but all in all I thought they did a good job.  We were glad that we persevered and held out for the dark gray tile roof which adds a lot to the house and makes it look really Japanese!                  

Below are some more selected photos of events taken over the year.

Project Chameleo type technology have recently been reported, both here in the U.S.A. and in Japan.
Early this year Richard was interviewed by phone by an AP  reporter in Tokyo following
Professor Susumu Tachi's news release below:

  Invisible Man

Considerable patent infringement investigations are currently in progress.

See Richard's Project Chameleo  site

Richard is now the Low Observable (L.O.) Engineer on B-2 and interfaces with the other high priests of LO in the Program Office and at Whiteman AFB, Tinker AFB, and the Contractor, Northrop Grumman.

Proud new roof owner

              Another view of the roof                                 Closer view of tile

We had a great Thanksgiving feast at Margaret's house

Denny, Davina, (L-R, Back Row) 
Timothy, Justin, and Tyler
(L-R, Front Row)
2002 Photo
     See the Ernst Schowengerdt Mausoleum Restoration Project for the latest information concerning the Mausoleum and events in the extended Schowengerdt and Strack families.

     Emiko is still busy nearly every day with the Senior Center in Costa Mesa where we have had some good times. 

  Our Grandson, Jason, is still employed at a Dodge Dealer Body Shop in Lake Forest.  

     We hope that all of you have had a reasonably good year and wish you a very happy holiday season and the best in 2003!

2002 Photo


Richard, Emiko, and All

This is our daughter, Margaret, on Thanksgiving Day at her home in Fullerton where she lives with O.P., Daniel, Davina, Denny,
and their family

 Maria traveled a lot in Europe this year and she now has her own art website at   Recent Works - Maria Tomiko Richter-Schowengerdt 

Donald Rumsfeld as Oni
©  July 17, 2003

Maria Tomiko Richter-Schowengerdt

Maria and Otto recently moved from Berlin to Adendorf.


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