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Sue & Leon BUTCHER
Instructors/Events Co-ordinators

I, along with my husband, have been Linedancing for
about 15 years now.
I have travelled quite extensively around South East
Queensland to various workshops and events during
that time.
In 2001 we took the plunge and formed our own Club
i.e."Runaround Sioux".
The name came from the fact that I travelled everywhere
(runaround) and my name, Sue (Sioux),
gave us the idea for our emblem.
We commenced classes with 8 people in attendance,
and now we host 7 classes per week all over the Sunshine
Coast of Queensland.
Sue also works 3 days a week, and Leon is what you would
call "semi-retired".
But he does all our behind the scenes work,
including this web site.
So if you are thinking of visiting South East Queensland
then let us know and we are sure we could find you
a place to dance.

Phone : 07 54748206 or Mobile 0418749823
Email - ""

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