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Cleveland Roller Mill Museum & Grounds
Rental for Events & Weddings

Cleveland Roller Mill Museum & Grounds are available for Rental for Events & Weddings.

A small 30 ft. by 60 ft. room in the Mill, called the granary - where wheat was stored back in the day, has been used for our past dances and smaller activities.

We rent the exterior grounds itself without any amenities. The Mill sits on 7/8 acre. Everything like outhouses, food, tents and furniture has to be rented or brought in. We can, of course, assist in or even take care of renting all facilities needed for your event. The maximum capacity at the site is 1,500 persons.

For more information on renting Cleveland Roller Mill Museum & Grounds for your event or wedding, contact: Dan Cassidy - (575) 387-2645 -


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