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** Cleopatra's Bath Milk **

Bath Milk to Nourish your Body
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Hi fellow human beings.

Some of you may have grown up on dairy farms where you drank RAW, NATURAL, UNPROCESSED (homogenised, pasteurised) COW'S MILK.

You may have made your own BUTTER and eaten the thick rich CREAM that only Jersey cows produce, especially after a good rain which turned the pastures green and rich in nutrients. You may have even had a go at making your own CHEESE. How about the old dairy ICE CREAM that used to be better than anything you could or can ever buy?

Well, our GOVERNMENT has been working for a number of years to eliminate CHOICE from your life with regards to this matter and as a result it now is ILLEGAL to supply RAW, NATURAL, UNTREATED COWS MILK as FOOD to the general public.

Owing to to the extraordinary health of benefits of RAW COWS MILK to your SKIN and BODY, we have decided to supply our organic, RAW, UNPROCESSED JERSEY COW'S MILK as a BATH MILK for you to bathe in as was the regular practise of Cleopatra who it was said had beautiful skin and countenance. However, you are responsible for what you choose to do with it after you buy it.

Try some today and tell your MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT what you think of Cleopatra's Bath Milk. Also, suggest he or she might like to have a bath in it or at least try it themselves. The only side effect will be good health! Your health should be your responsibility and that only comes through choice. If you need more information click on the above page links and see how it is made. If you need further information please contact us direct.

NEWS FLASH! We now have a great new product Cleopatra's Bath Cream! Try some today. Remember Cream is Butterfat - saturated fats at that. And FAT does NOT make you FAT! Sugars and carbohydrates do! I guess they will be banned soon.

Give us a call for more information about where you can purchase these great NATURAL, RAW, HEALTHY Dairy Products from in your area.

Trevor & Shirley Mahaffey
4 Webster Road
Via Gympie Qld 4570

Ph: (07) 5486 5613

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