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HELLO, This homepage is devoted to my Lord Shree Rama. Ramayana is a book on the story of Lord Rama.  In this page – I write the moving incidents that i came across while going through Ramayana. The Supreme Lord Rama and his devotees show us by their own example how to subdue the greatest enemies of all – the mind and senses – and become truly righteous.

I will keep on updating as I go on completing the various chapters in the book. May righteousness and truth win over falsehood. Jai ShreeRama.

Chapter 1: Bala-kanda, the birth, youth and marriage of Lord Rama. The following seven incidents were very moving for me in the chapter.
1. When Lord Rama breaks Lord Shivas bow before King Janaka.
2. When Lord Rama and Lakshmana do everything together. For example, Lord Rama awaits for Lakshmana to even start his meals and sleep.
3. When sage Valmiki curses the hunter for killing the male bird (which was singing with the female bird) and he afterwards utters some verses in lamentation (soka) of becoming angry which becomes a poem (slokas).
4. Birth and naming ceremony of Lord Rama.
5. When King Janaka escorts his daughter Goddess Sita to the wedding ceremony with Lord Rama. (most touching)
6. When Lord Rama breaks Parasuramas bow and pride.
7. Finally the way in which Goddess Sita and Lord Rama love and understand each other. Make cash on the Net

Chapter 2: Ayodhya-kanda, the exiling of Lord Rama. I really loved reading it. It has got many heart touching scenes. Some of those scenes are –
1. When Lord Rama is offered kingdom, he tells Lakshmana to also rule the kingdom as he was his second self.
2. When Kaikeyi asks for the two promises from Dasratha.
3. When Lord Rama takes blessings (aashirwada) from mother Kaushalya while going to Chitrakoot.
4. When Lord Rama refuses to take Goddess Sita (due to her fraility and past luxurious life) and Goddress Sita’s refusal.
5. When Lakhsmana also says that he will go with Lord Rama.
6. When Dasratha and Kaushalya cry missing Lord Rama, Lord Lakhsmana and Goddess Sita.
7. When many people of Ayodhya accompany Lord Rama and refuse to go back.
8. When Sumantra comes back to Ayodhya and informs that the Lord was not returning, the people are grief stricken.
9. When Kaushalya scolds Dasratha, and both weep before Sumantra.
10. When Dasratha relates his killing young Shravan Kumara, while Shravan Kumara’s weak parents await for his bringing water. (most touching)
11. When Bharatha returns to Ayodhya and scolds mother Kaikeyi; and when Satrughna and Bharatha meet Kaushalya.
12. When Bharatha tearfully says that he will not accept the Kingdom and will be happy serving Lord Rama.
13. When Guha informs to Bharatha of how Lord Rama had matted hair and slept on ground in forests.
14. When everybody mistakenly thinks that Lord Bharatha is going with his army to Chitrakoot to kill Lord Rama and take kingdom.
15. When Lord Rama offers only fruits and forest leaves (which he used to ate) as his last remnants to Dasratha’s soul before river Mandakini. As he could not offer anything else.
16. When Bharatha starts ruling Ayodhya with the help of Lord Rama’s chappals. Make cash on the Net

Chapter 3: Aranya-kanda, the kidnapping of Goddess Sita. It is a relatively small chapter but equally touchy. Some of those scenes are –
1. When Goddess Sita explains to Lord Rama the three sinful activities to be avoided by a human being - false speech, sexual relations with another's spouse, and creulty toward those who are not inimical. And says Lord Rama to stop killing any innocent Raksas and other innocent creatures.
2. When Lakshmana slices Surpanakha's ears and nose.
3. When single handedly Lord Rama kills Surpanakha's brothers Dusana and Khara and his army of 14000 Raksasas.
4. When minister Marica suggests king of Raksasas, Ravana to not kidnap Sita. And also explains the power of Lord Rama and the fear it generates.
5. When not heeding to Lakhsmana's suggestion, Lord Rama goes to after the golden deer (Marica) to please Goddess Sita and falls into the wicked trap layed by Ravana.
6. When Sita behaves as a mad-women and accuses Lord Lakshmana of leaving Lord Rama alone to die, so he could enjoy with her. She also accuses him of being Bharata's accomplice and an enemy in the garb of a brother. (most touching)
7. When Goddess Sita screams Rama Rama for help, and the king of vultures Jatayu comes forward and tries to save her from the hands of Ravana. Finally being old and armless Jatayu loses his life in the fight. And Sita cries at the site.
8. When Ravana relishes the though of enjoying Sita. He forgets that when women get angry, Goddess of fortune turns into Goddess of destruction Durga.
9. When Lord Brahma sends Indra and Nidra Devi (Goddess of sleep) to Asoka Grova for offering Goddess Sita with the celestial sweet rice. On this Goddess Sita offers this first (through prayer) to Lord Rama and then eats it.
10. When Lord Rama grieves the loss of Goddess Sita and in anger raises an arrow to destroy the entire universe. Ultimately Lord Lakshmana pleads and cools Lord Rama to give it up.
11. When Lord Rama and Lakshmana listens to Jatayu's last words and performs his last rites.
12. When Kabandha tells Lord Rama to meet the money king Sugriva and take his help in finding Sita.
13. When Lord Rama and Lakshmana are treated with varieties of food by ascetic women Sabari. And afterwards Sabari attains the eternal abode. Make cash on the Net

Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
Hare Krsna Hare Krsna
Krsna Krsna Hare Hare