Hey, as we all know QaF is on its 5th and last season. Throughout its long run they accumulated a huge wardrobe, lots of props, even furniture. Now that they have finished tapings they no longer need these things.

So on April 2 and 3 of 2005 they had a massive garage sale to get rid of it all. I went, with a list of requests from friends and fellow fans, since so many people couldnít go themselves. I, also took pictures so that all could see what itís like. I originally posted them on my live journal, but since I managed to go through a months worth of bandwidth from photobucket in 4 days I decided to make a webpage to host them.

Most of these things I didn't keep, I sold them to those who had asked me to get them things. I don't have anything left, so please don't e-mail me asking for something, I don't have anything else to give.

Since I absolutely suck with graphics, I asked the wonderfully talented Wide Oceanto alter my livejournal header.

Here are pictures taken at the sale.

The rest are pictures of what I got there.

Brian Clothes

Justin Stuff

Emmett Clothes

Debbie Clothes

Mikey/Hunter things

Misc. Things

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