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HOW TO COOK BARBECUE (Pork, Rib, Chicken, Beef): BBQ.html



American Stew Heritage & Recipes (Brunswick Stew, Burgoo, Perloo, Chili, & such) stews.html


Brunswick Stew (Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia)


Burgoo (Kentucky and Illinois)


Perloo (South Carolina, Louisiana, Florida)




Venison Recipe Project: venison.html



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A: There are many resources available.  If you would like a specific question answered by experts, then go to the Kansas City Barbecue Forum at the web site address, , and post your question.  Better yet, search the forum archives because just about every question you can think of has been asked, answered, and filed.  If you want a good book for a cooking reference, there are many books, some good, some not so good.  Barbecue and Sausage-Making Secrets is a highly recommended resource.


I use Weber Smoky Mountain bullet style water cookers for the chicken and brisket categories. I drilled a hole in the lid for a thermometer probe. Brinkman makes a comparable cooker for less cost. I also use a Weber kettle cooker -- it can be used to cook barbecue or to grill. My cooking partner uses and a digital meat thermometer probe with a sound alarm. The Backwoods smoker is especially useful for the pork butt category which cooks 14 to 16 hours. All of these cookers use the “indirect” heat method along with water to help stabilize the cooking temperature. The “indirect” method does not allow grease to drip in the fire.