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StarTV logo Thea Gill talks to StarTV
March 2001

The segment opens with a wide shot of a Toronto street and then pans to the entrance of a restaurant which served as the location shoot for QAF episode 121, where the gang celebrated Vic's acquittal, Italian style. Inside, Peter and Thea are on camera. She smiles, saying "Hello, hello," and Peter asks who she is talking to. She tells him she's speaking to StarTV, all over Canada.

Peter says, "Hello StarTV, and welcome to Queer as Folk."

Cast and crew are preparing for a scene at a long table, decorated with wine and breadsticks.

Thea points out Sharon Gless, "looking absolutely fabulous in a hot pink top," and Hal Sparks.

Hal: QAF is the most cutting edge view of modern gay life that's ever been on television."

Michelle: "It's insane. It's like nothing you've ever seen. It's a family of friends who are all gay and dealing with their lives, and having sex."

Hal: "I actually think we push it further than the British series does. One - because we can - we're on a pay cable network and 2 - as Americans, we think better is more."

Scott: "I'd never read anything like this script. It scared me a little - I was a little nervous about the graphic nature of the show and I said, 'I guess this is a good thing. I should try this.' "

Michelle: "I could care less what people think about me in taking this role. I think it's much better as an artist to go out and find the interesting roles that people are afraid of and to do the things that frighten you instead of doing the things you've got in your back pocket, know...the same old - going over the same old stuff, so I had no fear."

Hal and Thea are hugging and joking around. Hal turns to the camera and says, "No, don't film this. This is how I warm her up before each scene." LOL

Then Hal starts singing..."Thea Gill...she's a Canadian superstar...she's a Canadian superstar" She is embarrassed but he says she knows all the words to the song and could sing it with him.

It then switches to a street outside in the daytime and the camera is following Thea as she runs some errands.

Thea was looking for a photo shop so she could drop off some film, but missed it, so she just kept on walking and talking.

She speaks about how Lindsay is the best character she's ever had to play. "I thought it was brave, the writing wonderful, and I immediately got a wonderful sense of th epeople involved - the writers, producers, and Michelle. (This was the first role she ever screen tested for)

Michelle: We have this instant connection, like we were tv lovers in a past life. I know it sounds bizarre, but it is so true. When we do our love scenes we choreograph stuff (they rehearse in each other's homes)

Thea: "There's absolutely no problem. We just have fun, we laugh, and I'm so grateful to be working with someone like Michelle. She's just so wonderful, open and caring and we really trust each other. I never had any fear whatsoever. I'm an actor. Hopefully people will see me as an actor playing a character - playing that character well. It's all I can do. if people can't see that, then that's their problem. I'm going to do the projects..take the acting jobs I want to take so there are no fears that way."

Thea went to York University for 4 years and got her BFA. That's where she met her loving husband (below) who taught her how to find her centre, and to always find the human aspects of the character.

Thea: "What's so great about working on this show is I'm learning how to work in front of a camera, basically every day for all these months."

Hal: I consider her to be the best actress on the show because her character is the 'earth mother' she's a rock on screen - so solid and wonderful. And offscreen she's a basket-case Canadian..."Sorry, sorry, hi, sorry, sorry all the time - like you guys are." LOL!

She relies on her fellow actor's opinions, and they are always very honest.

Back to the blocking scenes again. It appears that Melanie and Lindsay are speaking with Brian (they only show his back) and Lindsay says, "So would they want you to start right away?" Brian asks, "Who?" The dialogue continues with references to Madison Avenue, and Justin chiming in about Chelsea. Lindsay tells Brian to call every now and then. "Don't make us have to call you."

Thea gets her pictures back (we're back at Black's Photography, the photo store) - there's a group shot of the cast, one of Hal eating a hamburger, one of Michelle, a cameraman, and one of one of the babies who plays Gus (Tiffany). She is very happy with the outcome of her photos. :-)

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