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by senator PALAIA and assemblymen CORODEMUS and T. SMITH

WHEREAS, In what is considered to be the first mass genocide of the twentieth century, 353,000 Greeks living in Pontus were murdered and an equal amount forced to flee their homeland in terror of the Ottoman Empire during the period of 1914 to 1922, an event which represents one of the most condemnable atrocities in the history of the world; and,

WHEREAS, The survival and recovery of the Pontian Greeks from this terrible tribulation have given hope and inspiration to oppressed and persecuted peoples all over the world; and,

WHEREAS, Today, we solemnly recognize and remember the victims of this devastating event in hope that their memories can serve as the conscience of the world, and it is fitting to emphasize the importance for all civilized nations to remain vigilant against tyranny to ensure that such atrocities will never again be committed; and,

WHEREAS, It is also fitting to pay tribute to the survivors, and to offer thanks to them and their descendants for the many enriching contributions they have made to our culture and our way of life in this State and this nation; therefore

Be It Resolved by the Senate and the General Assembly of the State of New Jersey:

That this Legislature hereby joins in commemorating the Greek Pontian Genocide of 1914-1922, and commends the Pontian Greek people for their significant contribution to civilization; and,

Be It Further Resolved, That a duly authenticated copy of this resolution be signed by the Senate Presidents and the Assembly Speaker and attested by the Senate Secretary and the Assembly Clerk.

Signed by: John O. Bennett (R), President of the Senate, Richard J. Codey (D), President of the Senate, Albio Sires, Speaker of the General Assembly.

Attested by: Donna M. Phelps, Secretary of the Senate, Christine Riebe, Clerk of the General Assembly.