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South Carolina Queries

I am looking for more information on the parents of William Ridgeway Jr. Some researchers believe that he was the son of Samuel Ridgeway of Goochland County, Virginia but I have found a reference to a William Ridgeway Sr. who lived in Williamsburg County, South Carolina as early as 1751. Williamsburg and Clarendon are next door to one another. In his will, the Clarendon County William called himself "William Ridgeway Junior" and I recently found evidence at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History in Columbia that William Jr.'s father was a William Ridgeway. I located a Memorial including a chain of title which showed land coming from William Sr. to William Jr. The elder William Ridgeway, was mentioned in records pertaining to Williamsburg County, S.C. in 1751. He may may have originally come from New Jersey or somewhere near there. There were Ridgeways there with the same names of Hope, Timothy, William, Elizabeth, Mary, etc. in their family. My William was certainly not the son of Samuel Ridgeway of Virginia. The records in the Archives prove his father to be William Ridgeway Sr. and the William Ridgeway Jr. mentioned in the records is married to Margaret Ridgeway. Please contactCindy Ridgeway Parker

There was a Seaman Ridgeway who died on the Hunley, an ironclad submarine, during the Civil War. If there is anyone with information on this seamanCindy Ridgeway Parker know.

Georgia Queries

Henry Bookout is looking for information on an Edgar Ridgeway who married his great-aunt, Della Rachel Bookout, b. 21 April 1867, and who d. June 11, 1897. She was buried in the Bookout Plot in Oakland Cemetery in the Atlanta area. The head stone is inscribed as follows:
"In Memory of our Sister Rachel A. Ridgeway Daughter of J.M. and Ella Bookout born April 21, 1867 Died June 11. 1897"
There is no one in Henry's family alive today who knows anything about Edgar Ridgeway or his marriage to Della Bookout. She is said to have died of scarlet fever.