In The Memory of

Stanley Marshall Geddings
May 8, 2003

Rough weathered hands....
you must have worked a lot
Lines around your lips and forehead
you must have laughed a lot.
Worn soles upon your feet....
you must have danced a lot....
A great heart inside your chest....
you must have loved a lot.

In a few short months,
I have learned much about you.
And yet I know nothing of your self.
You have taught me much,
you have showed me much.
More than the books upon my shelf.

I often wonder, are you watching me
In some far off place, learning as I do?
Are you encouraging me, supporting me
In the dreams that I pursue?
Do you know what you decision has done?
A Donation not given to just any.
Do you know how much your gift has meant?
In giving yours, you will save many.    


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