Chocolate -- Mmmmmmmm
Read this fun story about the cacao tree.

A Day in the Life of a Cacao Tree

Now look at this information that we will also use.

1 bean = 1 gram
each leaf is 30 cm long
30 seeds are formed from each 6,000 blossoms
each bean is 28 cm long

1. What is the ratio of seeds to blossoms?  Make sure it is in simplest form.  From this, what % of blossoms produce seeds?

2. How many seeds will there be in a kilogram of seeds?

3. How many leaves would it take to equal the size of a full grown tree?

4. Hershey's makes terrific chocolate.  Click to find out how many different Hershey Kisses are produced in one day.

The Hershey's Factory Tour

5. Try this scribble maze:

Hershey Kisses Scribble Maze

6. If there are 37 crispies in one Nestles Crunch bar, how many would be in a case if there were 48 bars in a case?