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Florida Winter Rainbow Regional 2004
A Peaceful Gathering of the
Rainbow Family Tribes

There will come a tribe of people who will teach and they shall be known as the Rainbow Tribe We are opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the one

Special Thanks to everyone who came to the Ocala Forest and visited with us at Alexander Springs and Lake Mary. We all had such a very loving time and appreciated all the kind energy that was brought to the circle. 
We love you and hope to see you again next year.

May our tribes continue to grow and become in beautiful ways!

Peace, Love and Light from your family in Florida!
We are so glad that you have found your way home.
We welcome and invite you to come share with us
on the land in a free and peaceful way.

It's our country and freedom, let's protect it!

It's our country. Let's protect it and it's Freedoms!

Florida Rainbow Family Winter Regional 2004
A Rainbow Gathering of Peace
Location to be announced after council

Welcome Home
Please Travel Safely and Carefully! : )

The Rainbow Rap 107

The Raps are intended as guidelines and in now meant to serve as rules. While there are good
messages within these raps it is up to you to decide what is best for you, your family and the tribal
community as a whole. Please always use respect and learn to accept others for the wisdom and gifts
they provide whether, perceived as good or bad. We all have something to contribute and together
we comprise what is to be. Love is the answer, always

Please protect this beautiful land! 

Harm no living thing; use only down dead wood, cut no living trees. 
Drop no litter of any kind. Separate trash for recycling and deposit at
collection sites. 
Put any vegetable matter in compost pits. 
Protect our water! Use no soap within 50' of streams. 
Do not pee or poop in or near water areas. (150' away)  
Do not camp above springs. 
Use your own cup, bowl, and spoon, wash them thoroughly, including a bleach dip.  
Use only latrine trenches. 
 Clean up after children and pets.  
Cover feces and
toilet paper with dirt and ashes.  
Wash hands (break the fly connection! Feces-fly-food-you). 
Visit CALM if you feel ill, especially if you might have a communicable disease. 
Drink only water that has been filtered or boiled briskly for 10 minutes. 
Keep your camp secure. "Tempt not, lest ye be lifted from". 
Pets should be left at home.  
Be responsible for your animals. Keep them out of kitchens, food, and fights. 
Keep only community fires. 
Discourage all forms of drug overindulgence. 
Participate in Shanti-Sena workshops and activities. 
Weapons are inappropriate.  
Engage in no violence. 
Volunteer, share, give. 
Join us on the 4th of July, and every Sunday in silent meditation for world peace.  
Maintain silence from dawn until noon. 
Donate to the Magic Hat. 
 Our power combined is many times our power separate. 
Face the Rainbow with an open heart, and you will see the vision! 

Need some help or clarification on directions?
Send your love and we will do what we can : 

Dont let Florida get hijacked again!

This site is maintained by the One Love Tribe in the Spirit of the Rainbow
Send us any correction you may notice needing attention.