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Welcome to Sheik Yerbouti's Oasis
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The folks who stay at the Oasis each year are Nomads.  Many come from great distances for the festival each year, and travel to other festivals as well. We usually number about 24 (more or less)

 Update September 1 2004

We came, we camped, we worked and had another great year

with our wonderful gang of friends in the Oasis/Club Ned group.

All agree that we are blessed to have such a fabulous home on the hill and special thanks this year to

Jefferson Berry - our "house" musician and great guy

Amanda Welvers - newbie and MVP

Aurora Brann - newbie and delightful young woman

Skip and Ned for planning, working, working and keeping us warm or  cool,  dry or wet.

As always, Anne thanks all of you for making our campsite a home -

for all the help that you provide, for the great meals and great support, humor, jokes, gifts, photos and laughs, for songs and stories and hugs and taking care of each other.

Check the new Lost and Found page......let us know if you have items missing or collected that can be posted for claims from rightful owners.

LOST & Found


Check this page often for news, events and updates.