Because a number of people have asked me, I am adding this section!

As those who know me well, I move around a lot! This page will be updated regularly, and here it will tell my present location for those who are interested :-)

Right now...... I am -

in Florida! A beautiful year at camp...... perhaps the very best EVER there! A great mix of staff made it all come together perfectly, and even after our staff left there in late-July we were blessed with some wonderful folks - including the Girl Scouts, which were first-timers there.

After the camp season ended it was a great return to Florida! The only "shocker" was the immediate hot weather! After a beautiful cool season at camp, returning to 100-degree heat and high humidity was a real shock, but I've been out a lot despite the heat, and I'm so thankful Arby's held my job for me :-) Also I have no scheduled plans to leave the area again until camp, but if I do, I'll post it here!

Please stay tuned for any updates on my "Current Events" page! :-)