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The perfect vacation!

With good planning (and by God's goodness!) we were able to get together here, and for me it was like being a tourist in my own state! The timing of his visit was perfect, and tropical storm Ida gave us just enough rain to give some excellent conditions for frogging, and the images have already been posted at "Fabulous Froggage". Over all, we avoided the crowded tourist-areas, and explored some of the more natural areas of the area, and the pictures on the next page will give a good example of what the REAL Florida looks like.

Good times

Here we are at the "pig" display at the Orlando airport the first day of vacation - a warm and restful time, far from work and concern for tomorrows!

Together we explored some of the springs, where clean and pure water comes to the surface from deep underground, and in the wintertime especially, many aquatic creatures move into the 70-degree water.

Overlooking one of the springs.......

.... that look more like a river!

Intro to the PHOTO GALLERY

This is Georges, and together we saw many cool things, and during the following photo journey you will see some of the many images we managed to capture.

A note about the pigs! The image at the top of the page was from the Flying Pig restaurant we ate at, and as for the rest........ Georges likes pigs :-)

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