Welcome to "Butterflies"!

Here you will see some beautiful images captured my vacation. If you landed here directly, these were taken in November 2009, unless otherwise listed. These were all taken in natural habitat, and this is what was in flight during this time period. Clicking on any image will open a larger image (Please note some images may not be fit for Dial-up connections). Also rather than go into detail about rearing, life history, larval foodplants, etc, etc, I'll add the scientific name of each so you may copy/paste the name and "Google" it if you'd like :-)

Limenitis archippus floridensis

The Viceroy. Here in Florida you'll see the dark form, which resembles the Queen.

Danaus gilippus

The Queen. This one is related to the Monarch, but is slightly smaller.

Danaus plexippus

The Monarch. A year-round resident here, and is always a treat to see in the garden! (Picture taken from file, from 2008)

Heliconius charitonius

The Zebra Longwing. This delicate species usually doesn't stray too far from wooded areas, and generally avoids windy situations.

Agraulis vanillae

The Gulf Fritillary. Not a true Fritillary, but is related to the Zebra just before it, and often flies quite fast, and is seen near its foodplant, Passiflora.

Junonia coenia

The Buckeye. This colorful species prefers open fields, and is usually seen on or near the ground.

Phyciodes phaon

The Phaon Crescent. This small beautiful butterfly can be quite common at times, and can be seen all year here in Florida.

Anartia jatrophae

The White Peacock. This one is often seen in and near wet areas, near its foodplant, Bacopa monnieri, and is attracted to low-growing flowers (Picture taken from file, in 2008).


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