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New England Weather - Acoustic music
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A Little Sun, A Little Rain

A Little Sun, A Little Rain cover.

A Little Sun, A Little Rain is a collection of songs written by the members of New England Weather, with a traditional song or two. We've been performing most of these songs over the past few years. Hopefully you'll find your favorites here.

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 1.  Wade in the Water(traditional)
2.  Whispers in the Wind(T. Maynard)
 2.  Come On Over Tonight(A. Marseglia)
4.  Indestructible Man(K. Danielson)
5.  Colonoscopy(M. Delaney)
6.  Hole In the Susquehanna(T. Maynard)
7.  Sacred Ground(A. Marseglia &
G. Hodgson)
8.  The Ballad of McClellanville(K. Porter)
9.  For the Good of Other Men(K. Danielson)
10. Mando Tango(M. Delaney)
11. Silence of the Sea(T. Maynard)
12. The Way Life Should Be(K. Danielson)
13. The Hunk(M. Delaney)
14. It's Gonna Rain Today(A. Marseglia)
13. Circle Chant(L. Hirschhorn, 1980)

Other Albums

   Days Gone By: Angela Marseglia

Angela's first CD, Days Gone By, was released in July 2000, and represents memories and events of the past that anyone can relate to through their own experiences. The songs move you from contentment to a deep sense of loss.

Buy it at
   Walkin': Kathy Danielson

Kathy: 'I never had considered myself a writer, I was an interpreter of other people's material. I knew I could sing but never dreamed I could write. Imagine my surprise when my first song showed up! Well, they just kept on coming after that, sometimes at the oddest times. You would never believe how many times I locked my keys in the car because my head got so involved in a song. Thankfully I have a very patient husband who rescued me every time. We are all glad that phase of writing has passed. Anyway, it seems that people were enjoying what I was writing and started to ask for a CD so we decided to give it a try. With a lot of hard work, patience and some very dedicated people it got done. It's been fun and I miss the studio. I guess that means it's time to start another one. Aaaah! Until then, here's the first one and I hope you enjoy my music!'

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   1-800-CONFESS: Mike Delaney

Mike's humorous original songs and parodies cover a wide range of topics from himself ("The Hunk" and "Mando Tango") to the entire country ("If We Only Had a Brain"). In between are excursions into the world of natural science ("Tofu, the Vegan Killer Whale"), literature ("Daddy, Who's Mark Twain?"), automated phone systems ("1-800-CONFESS"), women's health ("Mammogram, M'am?"), sports ("Red Sox Dream"), the oxymoronic business of folk music ("I'm changing my name to DOT.COM" and "The Naked Open Mic"), parts of the human anatomy ("Colonoscopy", "Bare Midriff", and "Eyebrows"), and, of course, his raging ego ("It Is, In Fact, Always About Me"). Anne Hills called Mike's title track song 1-800-CONFESS "brilliant"!

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   Whispers In The Wind: Tom Maynard

Whispers in the Wind is Tom's first recording. It is a collection of original songs with a strong traditional sense. Here are songs about life, love and the search for meaning in a world that has forgotten its roots and traditions, that has turned its back on the spiritual and forgotten that in wholeness is found healing.

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