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Well, looks like you found my website. It's not much, but I call it home. I occasionally add random items of interest to myself. If you happen to find the same things interesting, more power to ya.

I welcome feedback by email. It's always nice to know that one of the six billion people on this planet read this. Please be patient, as this site will constantly be under construction.

Why would I make this website?
There are a few reasons why I have this website up.

  • Practice. This page constitutes one of my first attempts at using HTML. I want to improve, and this gives me a chance to practice.
  • Access. Sometimes I want to share thoughts and ideas with friends (for example, the list of Heavenly Mother references). This site lets me have access to files no matter where I am, even on trips.
  • Refining and sharing. I don't really think that any of this is publishable. But everyone ponders, and I've concluded two things about my pondering: (1) writing my thoughts down helps me sort them out, and (2) since I've decided to write down these partially-formed thoughts, it might as well be in a place where, however obscure, someone may find them and possibly glean benefits.
So when you're tempted to think, "What is this guy rambling about?" just remember to think of this site, not as a low-quality self-publication (because it would be), but as a personal writer's notebook that I'm letting you peek into. I'm not saying, "Look at all the wonderful thoughts I've thinked!" I'm saying, "This is raw material. Sift out the useless stuff and take the good stuff with you." I hope you do!

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