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I Am Sorry For The Inconvenience,
But My Video's Have Moved.I Hope
You Will Visit Me At New Video Site.

New Video Site

Love   &   Smiles


Come Visit My New Site
Wharf Gardens

My video "I'll Walk You Home" is a heart
touching story of 2 friends Pamy & Suzy.
The song was written by Pamy for Suzy before
she died.It is a beautiful song sung by
Pam and her husband Mike.

The video is large and will take a few minutes to
download,but well worth the wait.

2003 All rights reserved
BK and Pamela Blaine

This was sent to me from Pam.
Mike and Pam are the couple that
sing on the video "I'll Walk You Home".
Please pass along for prayer for them.




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