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Husband: George Manwaring

Born: 19 Mar 1854      at: Sandbach, Cheshire, England  
Married: 31 Jan 1881      at: Salt Lake City, Ut  
   Died: 7 Jul 1889       at: Salt Lake City, Ut  
        Other Spouses: Electa Melvina Stevenson  

Wife: Martha Rebecca Whittaker

Born: 2 Aug 1862       at: Salt Lake City, S.L., Ut  
   Died: 18 Jun 1935      at: Springville, Utah, Ut  
 Father:Andrew Isaac Whittaker
 Mother:Betsy Gallant
        Other Spouses: Joseph Alonzo Reynolds  


Name: Edna Manwaring
   Born: 27 Nov 1881      at: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 3 Jan 1886       at:   

Name: Joseph Hyrum Manwaring
   Born: 10 Apr 1884      at: Farmington, Davis, Ut  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 30 Oct 1962      at: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Ca  

Name: Lorus Manwaring
   Born: 28 Jun 1886      at: Springville, Utah, Ut  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 19 Feb 1964      at: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut  

Name: Myron Manwaring
   Born: 9 Jul 1888       at: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Ut  
Married:                  at:   
   Died: 16 Jun 1921      at:   

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1.  MYRON MANWARING was born on Jul 9 1888 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He was baptized on Sep 3 1896.  He died on Jun 16 1921 in Lehi, Utah.  Birth certificate recorded in Utah Stake, Springville 1st Ward (record of Members book #10302 line 889). Blessed by Hg. Rommey and baptized Sept 3, 1896 by Joesph E. Hall, confirmed by Joseph Tucket.

He studied engineering and graduated form the University of Utah. He was attached to the Strawberry Reservoir project as an electrician.  Later he became the Springville City electrician and then spent 2 years in Evanston, Wyoming.  Later returning to Utah  to take charge of the Murray City electrical system.  Then he became the Salt Lake County electrician.

He was instantly killed when he came in contact with a high-tension electrical wire.


He was married to CORA GAMMELL (daughter of WILLIAM ANDREW GAMMELL and LENORA JANE MESSINGER) on Mar 9 1910.  CORA GAMMELL was born on Nov 14 1888 in Springville, Utah County, Utah.  She was baptized on May 17 1897 in Draper, Utah.  She died on Nov 25 1964 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was baptized by Niels Sera in Draper, Utah and confirmed on May 17,1897 by Hyrum Goff.

Virginia's birth certificate states that Cora was born in Draper, Utah.

She worked in Primary as an aid to teacher when she was 14 years old. Later she became teacher of 8-year-old boys for 3 years.

Graduated from high school in Springville, Utah.

Worked in Mutual as junior girls teacher for 3 years.

Married and moved to Salt Lake, Legrand Ward and taught in Mutual for 2 years and Primary for 1 1/2 years. Moved to Malad and took over the junior girls for 3 years. Belonged to the genealogical Society Of Legrand Ward in 1948. Her second marriage was to Leroy Johnson Bishop, which was a unhappy marriage that ended in divorce. Later husband, Robert Scott, and Cora have been to all of the temples in Utah, Idaho, and Hawaii. Sang in the choir all her life and also a Relief Society teacher and supervisor.

  MYRON MANWARING and CORA GAMMELL had the following children:


          +2            i.    Fred Dwight MANWARING.

          +3           ii.    Eugene Dresser MANWARING.

          +4          iii.    VIRGINIA MANWARING.

            5          iv.    Myron Lon MANWARING was born on Feb 11 1921 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He died on Dec 27 1926 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  See Certificate of Blessing.





2.  Fred Dwight MANWARING was born on May 26 1911 in Springville, Utah.  He died on Dec 25 1964 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He graduated from the University of Utah.

Death was due to heart attack.


He was married to Katherine SMITH on Aug 14 1935 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Katherine SMITH was born in JUL 1913.  Fred Dwight MANWARING and Katherine SMITH had the following children:


          +6            i.    Jon MANWARING.


3.  Eugene Dresser MANWARING was born on May 16 1915 in Evanston, Wyoming.  He was baptized on Jun 30 1923.  He died on Feb 13 1974 in San Diego, California.  He was cremated.  Parents: Ollie SORENSON and Bessie UNKNOWN.


He was married to Helen Emily SORENSON on Jul 18 1936.  Helen Emily SORENSON was born on Mar 16 1918.  Her parents were Ollie SORENSON and Bessie unknown.  Eugene Dresser MANWARING and Helen Emily SORENSON had the following children:


          +7            i.    Helen Jeane (Sonny) MANWARING.

            8           ii.    Eugene David MANWARING was born on Sep 3 1940 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


4.  VIRGINIA MANWARING was born on Jul 30 1918 in Murray, Utah.  She was blessed on March 3, 1919. She was baptized on December 5, 1926.

She had a tough time growing up.  Her father was killed in an accident when she was only two years old.  Her mother had to raise the children with all the hardships of the times.  She lost one young brother at Christmas time making Christmas a time for mourning.  Her mother married and this marriage was not a happy one ending in divorce.  Virginia graduated from high school and had many different jobs before she married and had children.  I remember her telling about being a bus driver, worked in a candy factory and she was a welder in the ship-yards during World War II.  She met Otto on a blind date arranged by Freda Mauerman, a coworker from the candy factory, (Freda was Otto's sister).  She was a home-maker and later became a real estate salesperson and passed the brokers test in the 1960's.

She really liked to read and play bingo.  She liked to go to Reno to gamble and was very lucky. She almost always came back a winner.

She suffered from Alzheimer’s in her 70's.


She was married to OTTO RICHARD MAUERMAN (son of ALBERT HUGO MAUERMANN and ANNA BARBARA WENDLE ) on Aug 14 1940 in Provo, Utah.  OTTO RICHARD MAUERMAN was born on Aug 31 1915 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  He died on Mar 24 1998 in Modesto, Stanislaus County, California.  He was buried in Ceres, California.  When he was born (he must have been premature) he did not weigh very much.  He was so little that his father could hold him in his hand.  The doctor that came to the house told them that Otto would not live.  They put him in a drawer to keep him warm and said many prayers.  This was told to us over the years and I do not know how much of it really was true.

He left home at an early age to travel throughout the country.  He worked at many jobs including painting the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (Found in 1937 Crocker and Langley San Francisco City directory as a bridge worker living at 906 Howard Street.)  He had many jobs throughout his life.  He worked at a gas station when he first met Virginia.  When they were first married they owned a donut shop in Provo, Utah.  Both he and Virginia worked in the shipyards in the California Bay Area. He joined the Merchant Marines during World War II.  He traveled around the world several times bringing back many interesting stories.  They bought a dairy farm in Turlock, California and also planted 14 acres of wine grapes.  The company that bought the grapes went bankrupt and was unable to pay Otto and Virginia one year.  This was such a hardship that he took on another job of working in a feed plant.  Later he hooked up with a man named Paul Eicher and together they worked as electricians. They moved to Modesto, California to be nearer to his job after selling the dairy farm about 1952.  He built his first home at 1323 Collier Road and lived there for several years.  Several summers Otto and Paul would go prospecting in Nevada for uranium. They never found any but would be gone for many weeks at a time.

He and Virginia had a real desire to leave Modesto and move back home (Utah).  In 1954, they sold their home on Collier and moved their family back to Salt Lake City, Utah.  He wasn't able to find work that was as profitable as he had in Modesto so they moved back to Modesto.  He began to build another house located at 2009 Vista Drive and work with Paul Eicher again.  He studied very hard and passed the Electrical Contractors board to become an electrical contractor and started his own business called "OTTO'S ELECTRIC."  He also built another house and put it on the market to sell at a profit.  Meanwhile Virginia had become a real estate agent and they bought more than a dozen rental units for their retirement.  In 1969 Otto retired and they moved to one of their rentals that they had remolded for themselves.

  VIRGINIA MANWARING and OTTO RICHARD MAUERMAN had the following children:


          +9            i.    Barbara Kay MAUERMAN.

        +10           ii.    Michael Richard MAUERMAN.

        +11          iii.    Keith Ray MAUERMAN.



Prepared by:

Barbara Billington


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