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Main Family Tree - main site (over 6,000 family group pages) upon which everything else is based, including an extensive links page leading to many more genealogy and family-related sites.


Blogs - Photos - Cookbooks - Cats - Weather - My cat, Muddy, writes a current daily blog. He is very smart. His page, "I'm a Cat and I Blog," includes a new cat-related photo or movie every day. - My main blog, which is in photos now. I carry a pocket Canon SD850 everywhere I go. This site is broken into the subsets of and if you wish to see specific topics only. - Family videos and Chuck's Chuckles on my YouTube account.


Older Sites - Might have some cobwebs, but are still here: - my old blog. It has recipes, pictures, jokes and my thoughts on anything and comments from others. Links to other blogs are on this page. Here's a topic index. As you see from the index, I usually stick to light topics. - Just an excuse to create another new front page and it goes with the domain. I love the green colors and concise layout. - Links to my collection of two-minute movies. Move over, Spielberg. - Same as above only on a differently-colored page. I could not make up my mind which domain name I wanted most. My movie about pumpkin bread was a kind of turning point although is an easier-to-remember domain name.


Current Weather - another page of JAVA tricks and experimental links. It has my weather, quotes of the day, adoptable pet of the day, new title and background with every refresh - and other gimmicky stuff. The main family tree site has its own weather and news page and so does Muddy along with a cat fact of the day.


Church Cookbook - recipes shared by members of our church group.


AOL Genealogists' Cookbook - recipes originally posted in the Genealogy Forum of AOL. I was experimenting with a floating menu option and this page came about as an excuse to play with it. There is a page of direct links for AOL members and another page with all of the recipes for others. - In addition to keeping his own blog, our cat, Muddy, has a pedigree online and other photos to share, along with sounds (his meow and hiss) and movies. Muddy has his own links page to other animal sites, too.


Myst - a page dedicated to Mystic Angel Paws. He's a show-quality Silver Persian and a sort of cousin to Muddy who is a Himalayan Persian. He often sits here at my keyboard and supervises operations. (Any misspellings and grammatical errors are his fault.) - Yet another excuse to create a new front page to my blog. Domain names are fairly inexpensive right now and my blog is mostly light chatter. This site contains more sublinks to get to specific places within the other domains. - I loved this name and couldn't believe it wasn't taken already. It's yet another colorful opening page - "just one more." It features a quote of the day and random photo as well as thumbnails of the other sites. - It's an excuse to use this funny grinning Java face that is always looking at the cursor. It has more links than most of the other pages. - This page. Hey, Yahoo was having a huge sale on domain names. I have a lot of "Bama" pages. I hope nobody thinks this is for golf or University of Alabama, even though I like them a lot -- Roll Tide! - Also this page. At the time, it seemed to be a good domain name for the grammatically clueless.

Pedigree Charts - for those want a quick check of names. See how every name fits in. - no-frills, fast-loading entrance to all of the domains. It eventually leads to every other site. This is the main domain. - my family tree or genealogy opening page with a professional appearance that matches this page. - same as except more detailed with bright colors and pictures denoting hot temperatures such as Alabama gets in the summer. (And because I couldn't resist when my name became available, it's also known as


RelatedTo.Us - intricate, stylized version of with a premade template. Includes a fitting background sound. - same as with different colors (for folks who forget that .us can be a separate domain than .com). This has outer space flash button links.


Family Photos & Histories - Full of pictures and stories including current family members as well as ancestors.


Family Birthdays & Current Calendar - Each month has unique flash and java gimmicks. I figured it was safe to practice in this remote part of the site.

Earlier Sites

First Attempts at Creating Web Pages


Aldridge Creek Greenway - a beautiful walking park in my city. I love this place. In this page and the next few, I was playing with background sounds.


Green Mountain Nature Trail - another beautiful park with a nice walking trail. It's amazingly colorful in the fall.


My Backyard - my first personal page inspired by a conversation with my sister, Deborah Paulukaitis. The idea to put my genealogy online came from George Ferguson. Thanks to both of you and to my husband for building this computer.


FHC in Alabama - created in 1996, this is the first "official" page I ever did, using Microsoft Word before FrontPage existed. It was not easy since Word's HTML converter had several "quirks." As a result, I learned a how to do straight HTML programming. This page is outdated, but it has been around so much and is linked from so many places that I do not have the heart to remove it.


My Living Room - I was experimenting with background sounds and a special viewing tool. This is the second page ever created. Special thanks to my sweet and tolerant husband who let me photograph him sleeping on the sofa. He and my daughter deserve awards for all the photos they let me take of them. They are the best.


These are the most prominent links. The sites above link to many more pages. Thanks for stopping by.

Terry Morgan