Our goal is to ensure that children and teenagers have an opportunity to explore their talent in a safe and productive environment.

The Company is based on the need of the inner city youth to have the culture of ballet as well as traditional dance taught to them by experienced professionals who ingrain the discipline, art form, cultural distinction and choreography needed to compete in shows bringing together youth of similar interests from other areas of the country. We have been recognized at a national level as a group that works with the community to inspire youth to learn and contribute to the preservation of Mexican Culture and Art.

Nuestro meta es asegurar que nuestra juventud tenga la oportunidad de explorar su talento en un ambiente productivo.

La Compañía esta basada en la necesidad de nuestra ciudad para tener una cultura de ballet y danza tradicional instruida por profesionales con experiencia formando disciplina, distinción de cultura y coreografía necesaria para competir y atraer a toda la juventud con intereses similares en otras partes del País.

Somos reconocidos a nivel nacional por ser un grupo que trabaja con la comunidad e inspira a la Juventud a aprender amar y preservar sus raíces y su cultura.


Folklorico Challenge USA

Won 1st place 2004

National Folklorico Challenge USA

Won 3rd place 2004

Folklorico Challenge

Won 2nd place 2005


Las Vegas Annual International Folk Festival & Dance Congress

Las Vegas June 2004

Las Vegas June 2005

Las Vegas Interntional Folk Competition

Won 2nd Place Intermediate dancers 2005

Won 3rd Place Theatrical Production 2005

Danzantes Unidos

Fresno March 2004

Gardena, Ca, March 2005

Danzantes Unidos Festival

Hayward April 2006


We participate in many festivals in the city of Huntington Park, East LA, Los Angeles- like 5 de mayo, 4th of July, Mexican Independence Sep 16-, Libraries, LA Lakers Fiesta

Pomona FAIR - LA County Fair


September, 2005


Celeberty Centre February 5, 2006