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David Burright Family Tree

Sarah Shreeve
Born: April 17, 1838

John Shreeve
Born: Jan. 4, 1810
Hemsby, Norfolk, England
Died: Oregon, IL
Hepzibath Harvey
Born: March 25, 1811
Stoke Green, Ipswich, Suffolk, England
Married: Feb. 1, 1831 in Rollesby, Norfolk, England
John Shreeve was an English sailor. He and Happy Harvey fell in love, but this love was dashed by Miss Harvey's father, Lord Harvey. They eloped and immigrated to Canada. It was said that the Shreeve's were adept walkers which is how they probably ended up in Illinois.

According to O.U. Burright in the "Sun Rides High" Shreeves made three trips across the Atlantic... and Happy evidently made ammends with her father. Sarah told OU that she rode when she was 13, "to the hounds" with her grandfather in Scotland and told how the horses jumped over the fences and didn't stop for anything running after the foxes.

OU also said his grandmother's name was Happoch but records say otherwise. Also the book says that Hepzibath "Happy" was the daughter of Lord Harvey of Scotland.

In spite of certain discrepancies, I am certain this is the Shreeve/Harvey line.

To read about the "Lord Harveys/Herveys" check out these links.

Or do a search on Google for John Hervey Earl of Bristol

John - Dec. 15, 1831 in Rollesby, Norfolk, England
William - Sept. 20, 1833 in Rollesby, Norfolk, England
James - May 16, 1835 in London, England
Sarah - April 17, 1838 Rosebury, Englang
Saul - 1846 in Fleggs, Norfolk, England
Nelson - 1847 in Canada or Ohio, USA
Emily - April 23, 1851 in Canada West
Benjamin - 1854 in Canada West (Ontario)
James Shreeve
Born: 1749
Hemsby, Norfolk, England
Died: 1823
Hemsby, Norfolk, England
Elizbeth Jeffries
Born: 1770
Norfolk, England
Died: 1824
Hemsby, Norfolk, England
John Harvey
Born: 1780

Rebekah Bowtree??
Born: 1785

Benjamin - 1802
James - 1804
Mary - 1806
John - Jan. 4, 1810
Eliza - Aug. 7, 1807
John Bowtree - April 17, 1809
Hepzibath - March 25, 1811
Naomi - Nov. 12, 1815
Samuel - De. 18, 1818
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