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David Burright Family Tree

Clyde Burright
Born: 1879

Clyde was a section foreman for the Santa Fe Railroad. He was also an exceptional fiddle player. Back in the territory days of Oklahoma, people from all around would bring their families and their instruments and set up camp in the Burright yard. Around dusk they would play and dance for hours and the next day make their way back home.

Charles Colby Burright
Born: Aug. 23, 1855
Colby Twp, IL
Died: June 1, 1934
Guthrie, OK
Christner Cemetary

Lilly Huff
Born: April 4, 1862

Died: April 9, 1914
Gutherie, OK
Christner Cemetary

Married: 1878 in Rolla MO


Clyde - June 4, 1879
Allie - 1881
Bertha M. - 1884
Ethel R. - 1889
Edith L - 1891
Edna O. - 1893
Lydia Ruth. - Oct. 13, 1896
Ernest T. - 1901
Effie A. - 1903
Nora P. - 1908

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The Burright's moved from Iowa to Missouri for a short while, then to Cowley County, Kansas. Charles and his dad operated a farm there. They had the first steam thrasher in the area. On their first harvest, though, a spark ignited the field and their entire farm burned.

They than moved further west to Dodge City where they punched cattle for a time. When the Oklahoma Territory was opened up, they moved back to Cowley Co. and ran in the Cherokee Strip and homesteaded in Gutherie, OK. Charles' lot was s e 21 15 4 in Logan Co.

Joseph Warren Burright
Born: May 16, 1833
Washington Twp, Ohio
Died: Feb. 5, 1920
Gutherie, OK
Sarah Shreeve
Born: Apr. 17, 1838
Roseberry, England
Died: Nov. 7, 1878
Salem, MO
Dr. Unknown Huff

Sarah Hotchkiss
Married: Dec 03, 1854 Oregon, Ogle, Illinois
NOTE: Sarah's name on liscense was spelled Shreav
Children: Children:
Charles Colby - Aug. 23, 1855
John - Feb 22, 1857
Joseph Wesley - Mar 30, 1858
Clara Bell - Oct 17, 1860
Christina Sarah "Chrissie" - Sep 16, 1863
Orrin Ulysses - May 18, 1866
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When Sarah Shreeve died Joseph married a widow
named Sarah Huff. Sarah was Lily Huff's Mother
and Charles Colby's mother-in-law and step-mother. Ewwwww

Joseph W. served in the Union Army as a private
War records show he was in the 114th regiment,
Iowa Infantry, Company G.

I couldn't find corroberation, but traditions says he
was captured at the "Battle of Shiloh" when his
comander surrendered April 7, 1862 and interred at
Andersonville. Conditions were terrible there.
No food or medications. Illness was rampant and
wounds were maggoty. He was offered parole Oct. 12,
1862, as long as he would not bear arms against
the south. He took it and recieved his handfull of corn and made his way back home.

Warren made the land run in 1889 and settled in Gutherie, OK, where he quarried native stone and did a little masonry. His lot was s e 17 18 3 in Logan Co.

Lilly Huff - April 4, 1862
Children To Be Added At A Later Date

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