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The Ridge calls it  ENTERPRISE 

for Syd and Ann Dillon    His favourite music, and she likes it too.

 Music         Where My Heart Will Take Me   by Russell Watson from either of his albums.
                     “The Voice”  or “Encore”.
                      It was used as the Introduction Theme to the Star Trek TV Show ENTERPRISE

 Choreographed     by Gay O’Reilly

 Level      Easy Intermediate  One wall Dance

 Original position  Weight on left leg,   Start all beginning parts  A, B and C on right  foot, front wall.   This dance is in three parts to fit the music’s three vocal sections,  with an easy  roll  and/or hip sway  tag added to join the parts.    A, B C and tags, but slow, smooth and easy glides with touches.  Feet close to floor at all times

 PART  A   to dance to the part beginning  “It’s been a long .....”.     64 steps.
                   Starts on word   “long”     2 beat intro.

  1 -  8     Sweep fwd R, (2 counts), sweep fwd L, (2 counts), rock fwd on R, rock back on L, half turn onto R   hold

 9 - 16     Sweep fwd L (2 counts),  sweep fwd R (2 counts), rock fwd on L, back onto R,  half turn onto L  (hold)

 17 - 24    Rock sideways onto R (2 counts), back onto L,(2 counts),  full rolling turn RLR, hold,

 25 - 32    Rock sideways onto L, (2 counts), back onto R (2 counts), 3/4 rolling turn  to face 3 o’clock wall LRL  , hold.

33 - 40    Step R to R side, step L behind R, Cross R over L, step L to L side, (4 counts), R coaster back RLR. hold

 41 - 48   Step L to L side, step R behind L, Cross L over R, step R to R side, (4 counts), L coaster back  LRL hold

 49 - 56    Diagonal to R   R lock R  (hold)   Diagonal to L   L lock L  (hold)

 57 - 64   Fwd mambo step (RLR) hold,  1/4turn L  long slide L to L   drag R to L to touch.

PART  B  to dance to part beginning “Cos I’ve got Faith in the Heart”  Twice fits in this part   first at front wall, second at back wall      32 steps each  .  Step down on word “faith”
(Long steps with ATTITUDE for first 16 counts - Karen steps)

  1 -   8    Long glide R fwd drag L, long glide L fwd drag R..  fwd R tog., back R tog

  9 - 16    Long glide R fwd drag L, long glide L fwd drag R.  fwd R tog, back R tog

 17 - 24   (Weave travelling L)  Cross R over L, step L to L, cross R behind L, sweep L foot to L side, (travelling R), cross L behind R, step R to R, cross L over R. sweep R fwd

 25 - 32   Rock R over L.(hold), step back onto L and 1/2 turn and step fwd on R. Rock L over R (hold), step back onto R and  step L onto L

REPEAT PART B  from back wall.

TAG   (1,2,3 and 4)   Rock sides  R, L, full rolling vine  RLR.

(5,6,7 and 8)  Rock side  L, R,   full rolling vine  LRL  (1,2,3 and 4, 5,6,7and 8)

Rock hips  RLRL for 4  counts slide foot ready for Part A again

 PART A  (Sweeps)


PART B     and straight into TAG

TAG  full rolling vine  RLR. (1 and 2) hips 3,4,5  Weight on L Bring R ready for Part C


   1 -  8    Skate fwd R (1,2)  skate fwd L (3,4)   diagonally R, step R lock R.  hold

  9 - 16   Skate fwd L (1,2)  skate fwd R (3,4),  diagonally L,  step L lock L  (hold)

 17 - 24   Fwd on R back onto L and 1/4 turn to L cross R over L hold  Continuing to L roll right LRL  hold

 25 - 32   R behind L, L to side and cross R over L, (hold),  Rock L to Side, weight onto R  and cross L over R (hold)

 33 - 40    R to R side ,  step L together,  forward R (hold), step L to L side, step R rogether and step L fwd (hold)

 41 - 48     Rock fwd R, back on L, 1/4 turn to R slide R to  R,  slide L to R (41-44) slide L to L side, bring R to touch at  L,  full rolling turn to R,  R,L,R  (45,46 47 and 48)

 Tag    sway hips L,R,L slide R  ready for Part B




PART B   (4 times)

 TAG  full rolling vine  RLR. (1 and 2) hips L,R,L  (3,4,5) Weight on L ready for ending

 Ending 4 beats.  for the words “It’s a long ...”   Step fwd R, L (1,2),   large step back on R, drag L toe  to touch.(3,4)

 for Ann

The Ridge still calls it


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