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Photo by Jodi Sussman

Turn the Lights Back On

A Lucy Kaplansky Page

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July 4

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Lucy has finished recording the new album! Tentative release date is January/February 2004

Another new song....The Promised Land. Lyrics will be up soon

All these new guessed it, Lucy is getting ready to go back into the studio soon. We'll keep you up to date on the new album!

There is another brand new song "The Thread", lyrics will be up soon!

Lyrics to both new songs (I Had Something and This Is Home) are available here!!

far 2 right photos by Jodi Sussman, others promotional photos from Lucy's website

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far left photo by Jodi Sussman-Bridgeton Folk Festival, others promotional shots from Lucy's website

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Many of the pictures on this page came from Lucy Kaplansky's main website, publicity shots and fans who have sent me thier pictures. If you see one of your pictures on here and you want credit please email me!

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