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Dock Boggs circa 1927 After trying on a few occasions to find out more about Moran Lee "Dock" Boggs via the Internet, I finally decided to create a Dock Boggs Information Clearinghouse of sorts, which desperately attempts to connect you to all things Dock Boggs. All information on Long Time Coming: Dock Boggs is solely for educational purposes; all copyrights remain the property of those who have registered the material. To have any offending material removed, please contact me. I am always accepting new information in any form to include on this site that isn't already available here.
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longtimecoming: Dock Boggs

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Who was Dock Boggs? Well, he was a coal miner and a banjo player. A bootlegger and a fighter. A dancer and a drinker. Read to find out more.

Album Information

Discography General discography of Dock's albums.


His Folkways Years 1963 - 1968 (SFW 40108) Information on Dock's three early Folkways albums is located within, for they comprise this reissue. They are: Dock Boggs, Legendary Singer & Banjo Player (FA 2351), Dock Boggs, Volume 2 (FA 2392), and Dock Boggs, Volume 3 (FA 3903). This reissuing by Smithsonian Folkways was released in 1998.

Dock Boggs: Volume 1 (FA 2351)

Dock Boggs: Volume 2 (FA 2392)

Dock Boggs: Volume 3 (AH 3903)

Country Blues: Complete Early Recordings (1927 - 29) (RVN 205) Information on Dock's early 78's that were originally released by Brunswick and Lonesome Ace. This reissuing by Revenant was released in 1998.

Excerpts From Interviews With Dock Boggs, Legendary Singer and Banjo Player (FA 5458) Excerpts with Mike Seeger's interviews with Dock Boggs, recorded and edited by Mike Seeger.

Various Albums Where Dock Boggs Makes an Appearance

Covers of Dock Boggs


Smithsonian/Folkways Dock Boggs Site This site includes "A Brief Musical Biography of Dock Boggs" by Steve Curtis, a discography of Dock Boggs' Folkways releases, along with Real Audio sound clips from Boggs' music and interviews with Mike Seeger.

Biography Written by Jennifer Peters, as part of Virginia Tech's Appalachian Literature Web. Also includes biography on Bill Monroe as well.

Yet Another Biography Written by Chris Milne.


Click here for hopefully a forever-expanding section devoted to his live performances. Help with this will be needed and is welcomed.

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Stories of Dock

Head over to the stories page to check out the tales Reed Martin was kind enough to share. I'm always interested in any more stories about Dock that anyone would like to share with the rest of us.

Picture Gallery

Click here to see the pictures I have been able to collect by searching the Internet.


Country Blues Provided by Old-Time Herald, written by Molly Tenenbaum.

His Folkways Years 1963 - 1968 With sound clips, by Musical Traditions.

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