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Dock Boggs circa 1964

Excerpts From Interviews With Dock Boggs

(FA 5458)

An interview album of Dock Boggs discussing various aspects of his life with Mike Seeger that was released by Folkways in 1965.
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1. Brief Account of his Life; Brunswick Audition
2. On First Learning to Play and "Living for the Lord"
3. In Taking Up Learning to Play A Banjo...Negro Musicians
4. Playing "Straight": Plays "Turkey in the Straw"
5. "D" Tuning
6. Practicing and Timing for Record
7. Playing for a Living; Trip to New York
8. More about Learning to Play
9. Comments while Looking over Song Text
10. More on Learning to Play Banjo, and First "Playing Out"
11. About "Down South Blues" and Playing Blues on the Banjo
12. "I Never Thought About Playing Commercially"
13. Coal Creek March at Land Sale
14. Why He Left Virginia in 1928
15. About the Name "Dock"
16. History of the Coal Creek March
17. Story about Singing "Rowan County Crew"

Liner Notes

Click here for my transcription of the liner notes.

Recording Notes

The only music located on this album is about a minute of "Turkey in the Straw".

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