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Dock Boggs: Articles

Classic Articles     Those written while Dock was still pickin'.
Southwest Virginians Play For Phonograph Records In New York From a unknown newspaper, circa 1927, discussing the recent trip of John Dykes and Dock Boggs to NYC to record for Brunswick.
Retired Norton Coal Miner Is Now Pickin' A Banjo Instead Of Just Twiddlin' Thumbs Written by Ralph Rasnick for The Coalfield Progress, circa 1963, seemingly shortly after Mike Seeger "re-discovered" Dock.
Norton's Dock Boggs Has Style All His Own Written by Curwood Garrett for an unidentified newspaper, circa 1964.

Articles of a More Recent Nature     These are the articles written after Dock's passing on 7 February 1971.
Down a Lonesome Road: Dock Boggs' Life in Music Excellent essay from Dock Boggs: His Folkways Years 1963 - 1968 (SFW 40108), written by Barry O'Connell.
Only Remembered For What He Has Done -- Dock Boggs A great article written by Jack Wright for the Old-Time Herald.
Dock's Old Mastertone Another Old Time Herald article about Dock's banjo, written by Don Mussell and Jack Wright.
Days Between Stations Written by Greil Marcus, published in Addicted to Noise in February 96.
Coal Comfort Written by Bill Friskics-Warren, published in Nashville Scene on 26 May 1998.
Corn Bread When I'm Hungry Excellent article about Dock Boggs and rock criticism, written by William Hogeland, published in the November 98 issue of The Atlantic Monthly.
Bogged Down Written by Bob Tarte, published in The Beat magazine, Vol. 17, No. 4, 1998.

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