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Remembering Julia

In the late 1930's two ladies from Rochester, N.Y. USA
came to visit Little River, Digby Neck. At that
time there were three overnight guest homes;
'Denton Cottage' owned by Laura and Walter Denton'
' Riverside Cottage , owned by Mr. & Mrs. Austin Denton '
' Hillcrest House' owned by Martha & Edgar Denton

These ladies were guests at 'Denton Cottage' every year
. They were Julia Sauer and Alice Waters.

Julia was a Librarian and an Author. Alice
was a Fruit Farm Proprietor. It was talked
in the village that they were wealthy ladies
since they drove a big sports car to the
envy of many here at that time.

After coming for a few years they decided
they wanted to purchase property to build a
cabin. They purchased land on the mountain
( up along Tommy's Beach road) from Martha Denton.
A local carpenter, Reginald Trask, built the cabin.

Julia and Alice enjoyed this spot immensely, especially
the adventurous walks back to 'Jesse's Rock'
and along the Tommy's Beach.

Julia and Alice became very good friends to
several ladies in Little River. My grandmother, Jesse
Marguerite Frost was one of them. My mother,
Elma, remembers many times visiting there. When she was
a young girl between 10-12 years they hired
her to bring them fresh milk every night
from the cows Elma's father, Otto, milked each day.
Julia & Alice made quick friends with the cows and
had their favourites. Julia named them all. She
had a favourite one that came to her
back door-yard often. She named her, "Rosie".
Through the years that passed Elma and her
children, as well as other ladies, had being
invited to afternoon teas at Julias' cabin on
the hill.

Julia was the cook who served delicious
treats while Alice loved the outside work.
She chopped wood for the stove fires and
carried water.

Julia was a very hospitable lady. She was
always so pleasant. She had a quiet,
soft voice and a very friendly and welcoming
smile. All were drawn to her charisma and
charm. She was heavy in stature and both she
and Alice dressed in country style attire.

It was a common sight to see them
walk along the roads of Little River and
stop to visit or chat with folks along
their way. Little River was blessed by their
kindnesses in many ways.

Personally, I can remember her as I was
a young child of 10 years of age, too
I went with my mother when she went
to visit. Julia always made me feel special.
She gave me a book, "Celia's Lighthouse " and
I loved it. She loved stories pertaining to
the life near the sea. She gave books
every year to children of the families she
had befriended. They were treasured gifts.

It was with great sorrow that one summer
day, her dear friend, Alice, passed away suddenly
while she was chopping wood outside the cabin.
Julia was at a loss without her.

Julia came to her cabin for a few
more years, sometimes alone or with another friend
but it was never the same for her.
The last year here she had complications with
her eyesight and become lame.

Eventually, with great regret, she decided to sell
the her hideaway cabin on the hill.This
also brought grief to those who loved her.

Julia kept in touch every year thereafter by
sending cards and letters to friends she had
learned to love as they had her.
She became ill in her last years. After
her death she showed special ways of caring
by leaving gifts for those who knew her
so well. Julia's memory lives on in the stories
told of her and in the books she has written.

Julia's Second Book was - " The Light At Tern Rock "

Julia's Book - Fog Magic

The place where this story is depicted
is White's Cove, Little River. All Greta's
adventures are written in part about the
lives and village that once lived there
in past generations. Some of her thoughts
are fictional but draw out what could
very well been a reality years ago.

The names in this story are of real people.
The places are real but sometimes slightly changed.

Little Valley is Little River. The family name,
'Addington', as well as other family names
are real family names which are still here today.


"To our friends in Little River;
You have made us feel welcome to the
intimate friendliness of your kitchens as you
kneaded your oat bread or as you baited
your trawls for next days work at sea.
You have dipped far down into your memories
for us and the tales you have
told are in themselves like an old road
into the past."


White Cove is the place " Fog Magic " has its history from
..View what the place looks like today.
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