You stare at the desolate fog, swirling about the tall, foreboding structure before you. The once proud Lav'intay Castle, which still stands in this dark corner of Icarus, now lays silent like a tomb, reeking of the stench of death. There are no humans left here, and no draks remaining to guard the haunted ruins.

The cause? A deadly plague. This silent stealer of life swept through the castle and all residents only a short time before your arrival.

None of the other castle rulers knew of this occurrence, otherwise you would not have come on this search. Your High Prince had found it strange not to hear from Lavíintay in so long, but now you realize with horror why.

While exploring the dark corridors inside the unlocked castle, slowly navigating your way around the putrid piles of human remains, you find a journal inside the High Princessís chambers. It appears that Mihani chose wisely to quarantine anything exposed to the contagion, therefore preventing spread. This action also had a terrifying side to itís seemingly innocent exterior.

No help, no hope of rescue, no chance of survival for all living here. How gruesome it must have been to sit here, knowing your fate was sealed, knowing you were doing the correct thing, but still thinking of life away from the plague. All those peopleís and draks futures taken in a moment, the moment the first succumbed to the contagion.

Sadly finishing the chapter of the journal, you strap the delicate book inside your back-pack and hurry back outdoors. Hoping with all of you that the air here was not fouled by the pestilence, you board your transport drak and head back to civilization, never to forget the horrid sight which you laid eyes upon today.


Thank you all for welcoming me to Planet Icarus, but I no longer wish to maintain a residence here. It has been a wonderful experience for me, these past months. Many thanks to Baeris, for spending her precious time drawing the beautiful draks of Lavíintay. I appreciate all of you who sent in wonderful aspirants, and those who have aspirants waiting for a chance to bond here. I am sorry to say that you must now be forced to send your aspirants elsewhere.

Do forgive me for this rude and abrupt leave. But know that I am not leaving the world of adopting dragons, I can simply no longer run an adoption agency properly. Good luck with the further growth of Planet Icarus and Clear skies for all of you.

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