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  • hi there people, firstly a very very sorry to the very long update. i haven got the motivation and time to share so i just can't seem to find that push to update this site. but nevertheless this webpage is domain registered which would give me further motivation to continue it wouldn't it. yes and lots is out in the market now . changes and stuff like that well. it that time of the year again. its Christmas and very soon it would be

  • Hi people just wanna wish all a happy new year and always always treasure what you have :) i'm sorry i kinda missed updating my webpage nut i promise to bring more to you guys, stay tuned ;)

  • Nothing new , just a few things in life and a trend to sit back and have a cup of tea :)



nutshell Nutshell nutshell Nutshell nutshell Nutshell nutshell Nutshell nutshell Nutshell nutshell Nutshell nutshell Nutshell 

                               in a nutshell(heartland headlines of today)












On a Personnal Note

well well another update and just in the nick of the chinese new year my ancle passed away , i pray for his soul and may he rest in peace.

i know i have been asked many times what this website is for and what i can tell you is that this webpage is classified as a personnal webpage so i would say its what has happened in my everyday life and all the times that i would like to share with you . so enjoy the ride ;)

hi there got a virus on my system and poor me had to redo the whole structure of the web site , will keep it updated thought , wait for new updates :) 



Dear Dairy ,                                                                       

A bi-monthly diary of things in my life :)


well it the time of the year again happy lunar new year !!!!!2003


Current Projects involved in

-Currently going into NS @ Singapore






















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