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What I Want

Queer as Folk FanFic
by Lane Carson

More to come in Season 4!

I Know What You Wished For
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
This story picks up after the events of the season finale and follows the characters through the following three months. Brian and Michael come to terms with their feelings for each other and Brian explores his relationship with Justin.
Spoilers: Season 1 

Between Love and Hate
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Sequel to "I Know What You Wished For" 
Spoilers: Season 1 

Like The First Time
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode Two 

It's All In The Outlook
Brian and Justin (R)
Summary: Whether you win or lose can be decided in your own head long before you even show up at the starting gates. Brian and Justin deal with how they see things as opposed to how things really are.
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode Five 

Say Something
Brian and Justin (R)
Summary: Sometimes only words will do.
Gap Filler to Season Two, Episode Six 

Just Two
Brian and Justin (R)
Summary: Each one knows exactly what he wants. If only they'd just come right out and tell each other.
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode Eight 

Truth and Consequence
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Summary: Telling the truth and having the truth told for you aren't the same thing. Brian deals with the consequences of telling his truth and meets up on some old demons.
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode Nine 

Some Things You Should Learn
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Summary: Brian plays show and tell and Justin contemplates what he's learned.
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode Ten 

Been Here Before
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Summary: Some things should never have been lived and some mistakes should never be lived again.
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode 13. 
NOTES: This story includes a reference to nonconsensual sex. Please do not read this story if that subject matter would be upsetting or give you cause for concern. It’s a little darker than the others I’ve written and I’d love to hear my readers take on this.

Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Summary: Give everything. Get everything.
Gapfiller to Season Two, Episode 14. 

Holding On To Let You Go
Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Summary:You get through the nightmare based on the faint hope that you’ll see daylight again. Brian and Justin are each feeling their way slowly along in the dark and who knows if they’ll make it.

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Brian and Justin (NC-17)
Summary: Picture everything you've ever been told romance was supposed to give yourself a good shake because you know romance and the name Brian Kinney don't belong in the same least not without a few thorns showing up amongst the petals.

With this in mind, take a journey with me in the "way down the road machine" and see where things stand between the boys three years from now.

Note: Whether or not this story continues is strictly up to you.  Let me know if you're interested in reading more.

Part 1 - revised
Part 2

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