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KJFC was born amidst the surging tide of activism and all-out expansion moves of all labor organizations.

At first, in 1981, KILUSAN-TUCP and another labor organization were competing in organizing the rank-and-file employees of Jollibee Foods Corporation, the company. Then there were three federations. In the latter part of 1982, the Company voluntarily recognized Kilusan-TUCP, forcing the other federation to file a petition for certification of election. KILUSAN-TUCP was forced to intervene in the petition for certification election (PCE). The third federation joined forces with the petitioning union.

The company, JFC, instead of taking advantage of the PCE to hold any CBA negotiation, agreed to have conferences with the Union (KJFC and KILUSAN-TUCP)

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The first CBA by and between the Company (JFC) and the Union (KILUSAN-TUCP) was signed in 1983.

In 1988, the Supreme Court ordered the holding of a Certification Election which Kilusan TUCP won after a lengthy and acrimonious campaign featured by voluminous leaf lettering, bordering on libel.

An ever-improving CBA was renewed in 1986, 1989, 1992, 1995, 1998 and 2001, the best CBA in the entire fast food industry in the Philippines.

The presidency of KJFC started with Ed Bongao, followed by Benjie Estandarte of Ali Mall, then by Tony Lim, then by Mel Conese of SM Cubao, then by Tony Lim again. Roy Carandang took the helm of the Union in 1992, followed by Alex Rutagines of Coronet in 1997 and now by Carlos Carlos of SM Manila.

At this juncture, it is worth mentioning the officers who stayed with the Union through thick and thin, so to speak. Roy Carandang was with the Union for sixteen (16) long years. He holds the distinction of having been sued in the DOLE on four causes of action including defalcation of funds collected when he was not yet president. All four cases filed by disgruntled former officers were all dismissed for lack of merit. Arthur Juego of Commissary and Jim Second of Engineering were with Roy in those trying times in 1993 when KJFC was about to break.

The trying times started in 1991 with the functional breakaway led by Tony Lim. In 1993, Roy, Gilbert Sauco, Arthur, Jim, Alteo Rimpola of Quezon and Abet Enriquez of Coronet took risk of seizing the upper hand in the power struggle and later re-affirmed the KJFC affiliation with Kilusan TUCP.

In 1983, the number of Union members started with 735, this went down to over 500 in 1994 due to resignation, transfer and other personnel movement and job rationalization affected by the Company due to cutthroat competition. Then membership rose progressively with the opening of new stores and it is now nearing the 1,000 mark.

Union activities particularly in the area of education increased many times over starting in 1998 with the holding of BTUs (Basic Trade Union Seminars), Leadership, Reproductive Health, Occupational Safety and Health, and Computer Education.

Many other projects are in line for implementation. With the all-out support from the Company, pursuant to the CBA provisions, these undertakings will be a sure success.


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