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Kari's Lair: Home of the Virgo Folkie

Kari's Lair: Fáilte Isteach!

HI ALL! This is my new Homepage/Cave/Lair.

At the moment, it is still under construction, but I hope it will soon be a fun place and music/writing promotion tool. If it doesn't crash somehow, or I forget my password to get into this thing.

Be sure to check out the links on this homepage (and I hope their originators don't mind my linking to them!)

Today, June 20, 2001, is the birthday of this site. May it have many more anniversaries.

--Karen I. Olsen


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And It Shall Rain Forever and Ever...

Photo Courtesy of Webcams.


The Lair's eStores: Our Official Cafepress LairShops!

NEWSFLASH (WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 14, 2009): LairCronies, a new PromoLair has just been Excavated! After thinking about it Awhile, we decided to start up a blog that promotes our Cafepress LairShops (in lieu of a CP newsletter), and have it Attached, more or less, to the Home Lair at Angelfire. The blog will promote the LairShops; now we have to get Going like gangbusters and promote the blog! It's called The LairShops Beckon.

In the process of Dredging out this PromoLair, we learned a thing or two about what they call "Advanced Customization" (that thing they don't really let you do with free LJs). We are learning how to tweak the Stylesheets, the code for Main page entries, the LairLinks sidebar, and such like. We just put up our first two posts in the past couple of days; now we have to alert the Entire planet to the existence of this thing; and by extension, the LairShops! Just click on the image Below, or the text link Above, to check it out...

The LairShops Beckon: Cafepress Shops PromoLair


Artifacts of the Lair: Lair Logos and other Originals for LairLurkers!

The LithicLair: Graphics and scanned ceramic images inspired by Neolithic European art!

Eireann85: Images of photos taken during the LairMistress's travels in Ireland in 1984-1985!

All Bunnyz, All The Time:
Another Cafepress Store.
My dad sent me this Bunny pic.
It looks a little spooky,
But some people dig that stuff.

The Lair of Cards: Our first Premium LairShop, entirely Dedicated
to paper products (though it may eventually
include cellphone cases and sew-on patches;
they're also fairly flat)

Barefoot Bandit North American Tour 2010:
A special novelty shop for fans of Colton Harris-Moore.
My brother, a small plane owner, is not one of them...LOL


And, of Course, don't forget to Slink In and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!

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If It Was Entirely Up To Me; or, How I Would Create Peace in the Middle East

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2023: Well, folks, it's happened Again--only with far more bloodshed this time, alas. The Proverbial pressure cooker just blew Up in Gaza on October 7; and the Weird part is, Israel's top-notch intel and security system was caught Napping. Some 2,500 Hamas fighters broke Loose of the so-called Open-Air Prison, and wreaked bloody havoc on kibbutzim and other small communities in southern Israel; and at an all-night music festival. Before the terror mob was Caught and Gunned down, hours Later, some 1400 Innocent civilians lost their lives (the death toll was at least 260 at the music festival Alone)--partly because the pressure cooker blew, and partly because the Israel Defense Forces apparently took freaking hours to get their act Together and go after their Sworn enemies. Also, Hamas couldn't possibly have done all this on their own, with their completely Outdated rockets and such; the attackers not only blew holes through the border wall, they also came in on paragliders and shot rounds of ammunition from motorboats.

The strangest part of this Whole bloodbath is the fact that IDF security and counter-terrorism experts, supposedly the most Advanced in the world, did not see this Coming. The word Worldwide is that nothing gets past these guys; but somehow, this did. Egyptian intelligence sent Multiple warnings to their Israeli counterparts, saying, "Y'know, something's Up in Gaza. Better keep a Sharper eye on the place." But they decided not to keep any eyes on Gaza at all; and the rest is Tragic history, as the saying goes. Well, not quite. Ever since the IDF finally got their act Together, they've been hurling airstrikes all over Gaza, despite the fact that some 220 Israeli civilians and tourists (lest we forget) were taken Hostage from southern Israel. Nobody seems to know where in Gaza they're being Held, but the IDF, claiming that every little kindergarten in Gaza is a "Hamas weapons cache" is mowing down civilian buildings seemingly indiscriminately. We here at the Lair just hope and pray they haven't gunned down any of their own citizens (four of the hostages have recently been Released).

Now: Where do we come in? Well, we recently donated a Substantial amount to Doctors Without Borders, who are providing emergency medical care to the many seriously Injured civilians in Gaza (despite the fact that the IDF keeps blowing up hospitals in Gaza). We also plan to donate to World Central Kitchen, and maybe Americares as Well. We are also brainstorming what, hypothetically, we might do if we were placed in Charge of establishing Peaceful solutions to that place of centuries-old Unsettled blood (I'm coming to believe in the effects of Unsettled blood in a place more strongly these days). So, what would we do, if a Peaceful solution to the Neverending Israel/Palestine conflict was entirely up to us? Well, this might sound a bit Simplistic; but if it was totally up to me, I'd kick EVERYBODY out. Arabs, Jews, western tourists, Bedouin tribespeople, US televangelists, Christian Zionists: All y'all gotta Boo, Scat and Ratchafratch. And please don't anyone come to me with the Usual sob story: "But WE always took the high road! Everything's the other guys' fault!" All involved parties, you've had more than Enough chances; if you can't get Along like Rational adults, you will all have to hit the road, evacuate to the Yukon, or the Taklamakan, or Somewhere with plenty of Open space. Once the place is Vacated, I would give the Entire stretch of land back to Nature, perhaps with a few hundred people living there year-round to administer the place as a Giant wildlife refuge. I'd also like to give the place a completely Different name, one without a bunch of Political baggage Attached. How does Dar Ashirah ("abode of Asherah", i.e. the wife of Yahweh, in some Hebrew sects) sound? Works for me. Now, if we can just convince the two groups of belligerents to take their Armageddon-like behavior somewhere Else on this planet (or perhaps on Mars, appropriately Enough).

Anyhoo, that's how we LairFolk would go about bringing peace to the Middle East: kick out all the humans. It's the best option out there...


Anyway, here Again are some new Antiwar and other Progressive LairLinks that have crossed our path Recently, as well as some old favorites from Before--Newly Updated (note new URLs for some orgs)! Alas, the Iraqi Information Minister site finally bit the dust a while Back. He probably still regrets that we are too far Removed from reality...

International Network of Street Papers 9/11/03 Salam Pax's Weblog AlterNet Online
Back To Iraq 3.0 (Christopher Allbritton's blog series) CREDO Action (formerly Working for Change)
Independent Media Center (Archived) Baghdad Burning: Riverbend's Weblog (Archived) School of the Americas Watch
ZNet/Z Magazine (New URL) The Shalom Center (New URL) OneAmerica (formerly Hate Free Zone)
World Can't Wait NEW! Fridays For Future Michael Electronic (New URL)
Salam Pax's New Blog Southern Poverty Law Center Salam Pax's Wordpress Blog Education for Peace in Iraq Center (EPIC):Temporary New URL
Voices in the Wilderness (Archived) Fellowship of Reconciliation World Youth Peace Organization


Seattle Fall Festivals Upcoming (Live Events Only!): The Newest Update (well, More or Less...)

MONDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2023: Well, good LairLurkers all, we skipped a month or three in keeping Track of Local festivals in our fast-Recovering city (yep, we're still not Dying)! Something in the air is making me very Congested; if I want to keep singing, I guess it's time to get some real, Old-Fashioned Pseudoephedrine. None of that Phenyl-Whatsitsname; that's not nearly strong Enough. Anyway, our cultural events are slowly coming Back; and with Samhain just around the corner, it's time for Dia de Muertos-type observances as well...

Dia de Muertos Festival Seattle (Oct. 28-29) Seattle Hmong New Year (Nov. 4) Diwali: Lights of India (Nov. 11)
We Are Water: Waterfront Arts Festival (Oct. 27) The Samhain Witches' Ball (Oct. 31) BOO Seattle Halloween Weekend (Oct. 28)
Seattle Catrinas Festival 2023: More Dia de Muertos! (Nov. 2-5) Seattle Slack Key Festival 2023 (Nov. 11-12)




LONG OVERDUE UPDATE: Yes, we still have an Affiliate-Associates relationship with the business referred to in these lovely banners. However, we will soon have promo banners to some of our LairShops, photo galleries, and other stuff that benefits us directly! If you check 'em out and buy stuff, that is...


What I Hope To Accomplish Here

Here is a more detailed discussion of my musical and other creative goals for the rest of 2001 and beyond.


My Favorite Web Sites (a Partial Listing...)

Liam Clancy: A World of Music

  • Alas, Liam's message board seems to be indefinitely Kaput. But here is what we've found via a search on Liam among Youtube Clips!

Jason Webley: Independent Musician/Accordion Guy

NEW! Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Online Blog: The new Nusrat site we've been waiting for! GoddessKRING: Shannon Kringen's Website and ArtShrine: Caution! Delicious Adult Photographic
Artwork and other Audio/Visual Delights to be found Within! The Mother of all Multi-Religious discussion and news sites. Never a dull moment.

Starhawk: Regenerative Culture, Earth-based Spirituality, and Permaculture: Adventures, Projects and Writings of the Lair's Favorite Witch.

Makem Central: Tommy Makem and the Makem Brothers


The lovely Celtic circle at the top of this page (and the turquoise cross atop the Goals 2001 Page) comes to us courtesy of the Free Celtic Clipart Page at For the best in free Celtic clipart, do pay them a visit!

Likewise, the LairMistress has had great fun with the cool animated graphics provided free of charge by The Animation Factory--as you can see, I've got animated critters all over the Lair by now! At least one new animated critter is birthed on their site every day! Check them out at the LairLink above!


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