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To build a Free Website without knowling or learning HTML, etc I use They allow you to use templates and it is easy and simple. Also you can hit preview before you save anything to check out your work or changes. Also, you can learn HTML from their website if you want to later on. You don't have to worry about fees or your website disappearing because you missed the fees.

Don't rely on Facebook, Twitter, etc soley; you'll miss those milions who don't use them yet or that don't want to sign up for them! Good idea to advertize on them; but it's best to have your own website that won't expire And some don't want to use them or sign up.

Yes, there's adds but the adds are relevant if you use the words "Irish" "Celtic" "Scottish" "Highland" in your website title. In fact, you may find something in the add you may want to see!

Just log on to!

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