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  RR#1, Milford Station, Hants County, NS   B0N 1Y0
(902) 758-1190

Writer ~ Photographer


Diane Lynn Tibert is a writer and professional photographer based in mainland Nova Scotia.
She specializes in
gardening, history and genealogy. Since 1999, hundreds of articles have
appeared in more than two dozen publications, including Saltscapes Magazine, Plant and
Garden Magazine, alive Magazine, East Coast Gardener
and Canadian Gardening.

Diane has completed several courses in photography and specializes in garden close ups and
landscapes, people and still life. Her photographs have appeared with many of the articles she
has written.

In Column

In March of 2000, Diane became the gardening columnist for the Weekly Press serving Hants County, Nova Scotia. Her Garden Tales column provided a unique look at gardening with children and contained handy gardening information. In March 2001, The Guysborough Journal began publishing Diana's Garden Tales column, and continued for three years. The Dartmouth Laker, The Bedford Magazine and The Southender began publishing the column in April of 2001. In March of 2006, Garden Tales celebrated its sixth anniversary in print, appearing in four Nova Scotia newspapers. Due to other projects Diana wanted to explore, Garden Tales ended its long run in September 2006. Many thanks to her dedicated readers who kept the column popular.

In October 2005, Diane began a genealogy column, Roots to the Past. The column enjoyed an 18-month run in The Halifax Daily News (Halifax, NS). It is currently published in The Journal-Pioneer (Summerside, PEI), The Western Star (Corner Brook, NL), The Citizen (Amherst, NS), The Bridgewater Bulletin (Bridgewater, NS), The Lunenburg Progress Enterprise (Lunenburg, NS), The Guysborough Journal (Guysborough County, NS), The Kings County Record (Sussex, NB), Times & Transcript (Moncton, NB), Bedford Magazine (Bedford, NS) and the Southender (Halifax, NS).

In Book

Diane appears in Moira Allen's book, The Writer's Guide to Queries, Pitches & Proposals, second edition. Published by Allworth Press in the fall of 2010.

Diane Lynn Tibert
Diane's young adult novel was published December 2010 under the pen name Candy McMudd. Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove is set in a fictional community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.
Ages: 8 to 12
Softcover (188 pages): $12.95
E-book at Smashwords: $1.99
Available in the gift shop at the Liscomb Lodge, Liscomb Mills, Guysborough County, NS

Read the first chapter: click here

In Blog

Diane blogs twice a week. She can be read at:

In Typing

Diane’s Typing Services: Do you have a hand-written manuscript you need transformed into type-written pages or into a computer file? Whether it’s a manuscript destined for an editor or a report or resume that needs a professional touch, Diane can transform your hand-written pages into a clean copy. Basic spelling and grammar errors corrected.

Typing Pricing: $2.00 a page
(A page is one typed page set in the following format: 1 inche margins, 12 point Times New Roman font, letter size paper.)
Add: $0.05 per page for black only printing
Add: $0.10 per page for printing pages containing colour images 4x6 and smaller
Add: $0.50 per page for printing pages containing colour images larger than 4x6
Basic formatting included.
PDF formatting available.
Postage not included in pricing.
50% of payment due before work begins and 50% due when work is completed, but before it is delivered unless you are a previous customer.

<><>In Course

In October 2009, Diane instructed a How to Get Published course with East Hants Community Education at Hants East Rural High. The eight-hour, four-week course provided the basic information on how to break into the publishing world. Some of the topics discussed included writing a query and cover letter, preparing a manuscript for submission, writing a book proposal and where to look to find the right publisher for fiction and non-fiction. Diane also ran the course in April 2010.

In Fiction

Diane enjoys writing fiction and is currently seeking a publisher for her fantasy novel, Shadows in the Stone, book one of Castle Keepers.

   Argon wiped his eyes with the back of his sleeve and blinked away the tears that threatened to fall. He was exhausted. The strain of losing Isla and  possibly Anna was pushing his nerves to the brink. The uncertainty of his dad’s condition only added to his stress. Had he survived the beating? Casting a sideways glance at Jed, he wondered if he had the strength to survive. Was he asking too much of his friend? A few short weeks ago, Argon had been satisfied with his life; he had been exactly where he wanted to be. Now, he feared he was losing everyone he loved the most.

  Writing is a solitary occupation. Family, friends, and society are the natural enemies of the writer.
  He must be alone, uninterrupted, and slightly savage if he is to sustain and complete an undertaking.
  ~ Jessamyn West


In Testimonial

"Diana Tibert's articles have been featured several times in East Coast Gardener. Her stories are always packed with helpful information and require minimal editing. Her timely queries are often accepted by our publication.  I have been particularly impressed by her photographic skills - always a bonus with a writer."
                         ~ Carla Allen, former Editorial Co-ordinator
                             East Coast Gardener

"Diana Lynn Tibert provides clean, focussed copy and great photos that always target Saltscapes' needs and interests. She's a joy to work with."
                         ~ Diane LeBlanc, former Editor
                            SALTSCAPES, canada's east coast magazine 

"Diana is a pleasure to work with, her writing style is clear and her column needs no editing prior to publication. She also provides great photographs and sends everything via-e-mail, which I find convenient (no scanning or retyping required)."
                         ~ Elizabeth Hargreaves, former editor
                            Graphic Advocate (Southender, Bedford Magazine, Dartmouth Laker)

In Membership

Writers Federation of Nova Scotia (since 2000): A place for writers.

Cebequid Books (since May 2010): A forum for Nova Scotia Writers.

East Hants Writers' Group (since May 2010): A group of writers who meet every third Tuesday of the month at the Elmsdale Library.

Halifax Editors & Writers (since June 2010): A forum for Nova Scotia Writers and Editors.



Veterans of Guysborough County: The book will preserve the names, faces, memories and history of the more than 2,000 veterans who called Guysborough County, home. Every veteran who served overseas, in Canada and with the Merchant Marine during the First and Second World Wars, will be named. Accompanying each name will be a photograph and a 300-word biography.

"They gave their tomorrows for our todays."

When Diane is not busy with her three small children, writing, researching, sketching, working in the garden and attending workshops, she can be found practising yoga, hiking, fishing, rockhounding, chasing fairies through cemeteries and searching for adventure . . . or whatever comes her way.

Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body,
but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting, "Hot Damn! What a Ride!"

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