The site shows several topics of the contemporary living of our civilization: Living. Culture, People, Music, and Videos.


The Site favours a vegetarian lifestyle and supports the rights of wild and domestic animals. As God creates the earth for all creatures, each species serves its role in this unique biosphere, and human beings have dominion over every living thing that moves on the earth. However, it is our duty to allow them to co-exist with us. Without them, the earth would be a lonelier place to live.

Site History

The site was a spin-off of the people contents in "Gordon's Corner of Arts and Nature" around 2008, and is currently a sub-domain of
www.gordons-corner.com. The URLs of the site is: http://sissi.gordons-corner.com.

Site name

"Sissi" is actually the name of Gordon 's pet budgerigar that died in 2002, and "Perspectives" comes from the broad and depth of the view of a high-flying bird, as in "Jonathan Livingston Seagull".


The Site does not promote any biases on age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, and other protected status. In essence, the articles or contents are apolitical, nonviolent, asexual and non-pornographic, but might not been appropriate for minors.

Note that some pages might present the traditional Christian faith, although the themes of other religions might be included in the future.


Copyrights are reserved for all texts, photographs and videos developed by the Site. The materials of the Site may be copied for personal use under the guidance of fair use; nevertheless, the users are encouraged to contact us first.

Comments, Contributions of Articles, and Monetary Donations

Comments, advices and money support are welcome to develop the Site further. Anyone wants to present his/her articles and photographs here is encouraged to contact us.