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A small amount of silver coins and arts objects are available for sale. No category or list is available at the moment. Click on "Gallery" to view any items you like.

Items for Sale:


Salvador Dali - Le Chevalier
Price: US$xxxxx

Wooden Dolphin Wood Dolphin, new finish (16 cm/6.25" H)
Price: US$10.00

Chinese "Yuan Shih Kai" Silver Coin
This coin minted in the third year of the Republic of China (1914) has the portrait of the first Chinese president Yuan Shih Kai. At the issue, it was meant to replace the popular Mexican trade silver dollar and the Qing Dragon dollar. Later the "Yuan Shih Kai" silver dollars were trusted by the Chinese populace and were widely circulated. The coins were struck several times between 1914 and 1922; some provinces minted the "Yuen Shih Kai" coin with slightly different versions. The national coins were first minted by the Tientsin Mint and then by the Wuchang, Nanking, Kwangtung and Hangcchow mints. This common coin can be the one of the most minted silver coins in the history, may be about 300 millions. In the early days of the People Republic of China, the coins were even allowed in the circulation when the communists took over China.
Price: US$225.00 each (Feb 2011)

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